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Bringing Brand Assets Together Just Became Easier With BrandKeep, the Retail-Centric Platform That Enables Organization and Productivity


Appropos announces the launch of their new retail-centric platform, BrandKeep.

Appropos is excited to announce the launch of BrandKeep, a platform that allows retailers to organize all brand assets in one place, resulting in greater efficiency, clarity, and productivity.

A recent survey asked retailers how they organize all of the assets they receive from brands. 60% of retailers said they used web browser bookmarks to organize their information. Over 20% of them said that they didn’t have an organization method at all.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 there were 1,045,322 retail establishments in the United States. With many retailers working with 100+ brands, the issue of disorganization halts efficiency and makes it difficult for retailers to keep track of due dates, deadlines, and other brand resources.

To help retailers solve this issue, BrandKeep enables store owners and buyers to stay organized across all of the brands they work with. The platform serves as a place where retailers can store each brand’s workbooks, assets, contacts, links, forms, invoices, terms, and more in one central workspace.

“I know I’ve got all my rep’s information in [BrandKeep] — from an email address, to a phone number, to the additional contacts at the brand, to the region, to the agency. Having a singular place for contact information or where my username and passwords are for a brand is powerful,” explained BrandKeep beta user, Charlie Wise, Owner of The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York.

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“[With BrandKeep], everybody’s going to store their brand-related information and assets in a consistent way, regardless of what they are buying or what their department encompasses,” stated Wise.

BrandKeep’s features allow retailers to:

  • Use Brand Cards to store every brand’s workbooks, key assets, contacts, important links, terms, MAP policies, and more
  • Create Workspaces within Brand Cards to organize any way that works for you
  • Automatically sort incoming assets into Brand Cards with KeepMail
  • Easily import assets from Google Drive™ and Dropbox
  • Invite employees into Teams and get more done with Tasks
  • Store brand assets with 1TB of storage

“Everything we do revolves around ensuring retailer owners and buyers have a place to excel. That’s why we designed BrandKeep to solve the real challenge of organization for real people,” said BrandKeep’s Founder and CEO, Jon Faber.

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“When talking with retailers, many of them are dealing with a large volume of information from brands and hundreds of brand assets given to them each season. This challenge is bringing the most friction to the buying process. Retailers need uniformity across all the brands they work with — BrandKeep meets them there. We are excited for our launch and eager to continue enhancing the BrandKeep offering through working closely with retailers,” explained Faber.

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