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AVer Europe: The Importance of Good Lighting for Virtual Meetings

Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of education technology solutions, writes about how AVer developed the world’s first all-in-one video soundbar with an integrated fill-in light that automatically adjusts to provide the best possible virtual meeting experience.

When you’re about to have an important video call with a client or customer while working from home or in your huddle room, details matter, and you take care to look the part. Much effort can be wasted if you don’t take steps to ensure ideal light conditions.

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Even if you have bright overhead lighting and shut the curtains on the window to avoid backlighting, you probably haven’t accounted for reflection from your monitor. This reflection covers your face in blue shadows that make you appear tired and unnatural. The fill-in light from the AVer VB130 makes your face appear brighter and more energetic, providing a better virtual meeting experience.

The VB130 is for huddle or smaller rooms and WFH, our challenge in designing this product was to ensure good audio quality within such a small space. The product has top-quality components, such as Sony 4K sensors, high-quality lenses, and AI engine chips and platforms to meet our specifications and performance requirements.

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The fill-in light took a lot of time to develop, because we wanted to use auto intelligent lighting so users don’t need to manually adjust the light. Therefore, we had to place colour sensors and light sensors inside. To make sure that the colour sensors can detect the environment correctly and deliver the best light level, we took thousands of photos of different kinds of people and fine-tuned the parameters.

The main pain point in virtual meetings is the mutual experience. When people spread out in the meeting room for social distancing they appear small on the screen, and the camera doesn’t focus on the speaker. To provide the best visual experience, the VB130 offers intelligent image tracking and audio tracking functions. When people are speaking, the camera can automatically frame and zoom in on them so the remote side can see clearly and enjoy a seamless mutual experience.

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