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Collaborative Commerce Leader Kognitiv Joins Data Collaboration Alliance


Kognitiv Corporation, a global leader in the rapidly expanding market for collaborative commerce, has announced that Tim Collins, its Chief Data and Analytics Officer, has joined the Data Collaboration Alliance as Board Advisor and founding member of the iOWN data ownership initiative.

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Mr. Collins, who is based in the UK, is a 17-year veteran in the application of data science for personalized commerce. He was previously founder and former Managing Director of the Intelligent Shopper Solution business unit at Aimia.

Mr. Collins added; “Kognitiv’s collaborative commerce model was born from a belief that the next era of commerce would enable organizations to collaborate directly peer-to-peer, create new or enhance existing partnerships and ultimately create new value for their most valuable consumers. Naturally, data is at the very centre of our value proposition. In the past year, topics like data privacy, data security and zero-party data have risen in importance for both consumers and c-suite executives. Kognitiv is deeply invested in these topics and joining a group of diverse, industry-leading thinkers like the Data Collaboration Alliance enables us to exchange ideas, access breakthrough thinking, and meaningfully contribute with the very best in the business.”

More apps, more copies, less collaboration

According to a 2020 survey on the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, the average company now uses over 137 unique apps in its operations which represents a 30% increase from 2018. For enterprise organizations the count rises to 288 and in both cases the numbers do not include in-house or partner applications. Source: Blissfully SaaS Trends Report: 2020.

The growing number of applications has had a direct impact on the number of data copies that organizations are generating, including copies of personally identifiable information (PII) shared with 3rd party applications that are based in remote jurisdictions. According to one major vendor, organizations are now collectively spending over $700 billion USD annually to manage the on-going exchange of copies through a process known as data integration

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The difficulties associated with controlling access to copied application data is increasingly at odds with strict consumer data protection regulations such as Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Canada’s proposed Bill C-11. The erosion of control has created a further barrier to data sharing that is forcing many organizations into a strategic rethink about their approach to data integration.

Dan DeMers, President of the Data Collaboration Alliance stated; “The recent WhatsApp privacy debacle and Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’ initiative serve as timely reminders that control of personal data is shifting from organizations to consumers. Data Collaboration has been specifically created to help organizations to eliminate copies, establish meaningful ownership, and support data sharing for multi-stakeholder solutions. We are very excited that Mr. Collins and Kognitiv have joined our mission to make control the new normal for personal data.”

From today, Mr. Collins will join the Advisory Board of the Data Collaboration Alliance which includes Mark Surman, the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and Sylvie Veilleux, the CIO of Dropbox. Mr. Collins will also represent Kognitiv in iOWN, a Data Collaboration Alliance initiative composed of data privacy, data protection, compliance, and IT professionals who are advancing data ownership and the future of applications through the publication of experiments and free resources.

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