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FreshLime Announces RepConnect, a Sales Messaging Platform that increases Field Sales Reps engagement by up to 60% with Homeowners

RepConnect provides a convenient way for salespeople to capture and interact with high-value leads, manage their book of business, and develop brand loyalty.

Today FreshLime, an award winning Customer Interaction Platform, announced RepConnect, a new sales messaging platform that makes it easier for Field Reps to convert homeowners to sales opportunities.

New consumer behavior in 2022 requires an updated approach in the Field Sales industry

As a homeowner, it used to be common to answer the doorbell without a second thought, but these days it’s much less common. Even when home, many don’t answer the door if they know it’s a solicitation, and increased anxieties due to the pandemic make the Field Rep role more difficult than ever. These barriers to closing more deals led to the development of RepConnect by the engineers at FreshLime.

“In today’s world, homeowners want to interact with businesses and their Field Reps how and when they want – and that’s not always by answering the door in the moment. Traditional field sales methods aren’t cutting it anymore. We knew there was a need in the marketplace for a more efficient tool for both reps and the homeowners they are trying to sell, so we built RepConnect,” Jay Bean, CEO of FreshLime explained.

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Field Rep and Homeowner Convenience

RepConnect is a sales messaging platform that automatically responds to incoming homeowner messages and sends them all to one central message center for convenience. RepConnect is downloaded as part of the FreshLime app on either an iOS or Android smartphone. Homeowners initiate a conversation by scanning a SmartConnect QR Code the Field Reps have left behind on printed materials (door hangers, flyers, etc.) and FreshLime’s Automated Virtual Assistant (AVA) responds to all incoming messages. AVA collects information from the homeowner and sends it to the Message Center within the FreshLime app where the Field Rep can follow-up with the highest value opportunities.

Efficiency and Convenience Increase Scan to Lead Opportunities and Sales Conversations

RepConnect allows homeowners to conveniently connect with Field Reps at their convenience, allowing a more positive experience. In early trials, FreshLime found that 60% of SmartConnect QR Codes left behind were scanned, and once collected delivered 2-3 times more sales per Field Rep per week.

In addition, once a SmartConnect QR Code is scanned, the homeowner mobile phone number is collected and is considered an “opt-in” for future communication by the business. The average homeowner receives 5-7 interactions with a brand before they buy, and having permission to text deals and offers based on the homeowners interest, delivers a level of targeting unheard of in the Field Sales industry. The ROI on the time a Field Rep spends visiting homeowners becomes more valuable for both the Field Rep and the company alike.

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