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Balto Now Embedded Inside Salesforce for Single Pane of Glass Experience, Unleashing Agent Performance

New zero-footprint integration puts leading real-time guidance platform directly into Salesforce for simplified app management and improved agent productivity.

Balto, the leader in uniting contact center agents with AI for better conversations, is pleased to announce the launch of its next-gen integration: an embeddable “single pane of glass” Balto experience for Salesforce. The new app-free version of Balto creates seamless, hands-off integration — minimizing technical interference for IT teams and streamlining agent workflows for higher productivity and efficiency.

“Every contact center leader is well aware that agents struggle to manage too many systems across too many screens with too little screen real estate. In this new era where agent experience reigns supreme and where keeping agents happy more closely drives business outcomes than ever before, contact centers everywhere are trying to simplify the agent experience and help them focus on what’s most important: productive conversations with their customers that serve both the customer and the business,” said Marc Bernstein, Balto CEO. “Balto’s single pane of glass integration is a major milestone toward our vision of building a hyper-intelligent agent desktop and reduces agent effort to engage with our technology to nearly zero.”

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Real-Time Guidance right where you need it, in a single pane of glass within the world’s most popular CRM, Salesforce.

Today, most contact centers have multiple agent productivity applications running concurrently. In fact, according to a recent ICMI survey, 80% of agents report using four or more applications for customer interactions, with 21% using 10 to 15. This creates visual clutter for agents, slows workflows, induces stress, and clogs up limited desktop computer resources, a bane for IT teams.

Since 2017, Balto has been a standalone application that runs alongside Salesforce. Now, Balto can be directly embedded into the CRM — no separate desktop application required. Balto automatically runs when calls begin, so there’s no more manually starting and stopping the process. And agents don’t have to adjust the windows on their screen. It’s in the same pane as their Salesforce CRM instance.

“Agents no longer have to open a separate application to get the benefits of real-time guidance on their calls,” said Mike Goldstein, Balto CTO. “Agents now have Balto within the CRM they see every day so that using Balto is a part of their normal workflow. This means a simpler screen set up, fewer clicks, and getting suggestions from Balto automatically.”

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In addition, because the embedded version is cloud-based, IT teams never have to push application updates. The new Balto is always up to date, reducing security risks for organizations.

“It’s always going to be there to save you,” said one agent at a leading national health insurance company. “If you’re in a situation where your manager or supervisors are not available and you’re lost as to what to say, you have Balto there 24/7.”

How embeddable Real-Time Guidance works

Balto’s new embeddable version can be dropped into any instance of Salesforce. This also enables Balto availability on Chromebooks and other low-powered machines often prescribed to agents in remote environments.

Organizations that cannot embed the new version will still have access to the traditional Balto desktop experience and seamless integrations.

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