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Shipping Carrier Scoring App Launches in Beta Today, Offering Transparency in Retail Supply Chain

ShipHero , the leading shipping and logistics platform for over 4,000 e-commerce brands and 3PLs, is proud to announce the beta launch of its data visualization tool: ShipScore.

The ShipScore public beta will provide US-based Shopify store owners with up-to-date information on recent orders in the supply chain as well as tracking information for every major US shipping carrier. Using ShipScore, e-commerce brands can evaluate current shipping methods and track ongoing orders from the moment a product is ordered to the time it’s delivered.

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ShipScore was built as a response to the growing need from ShipHero’s community of business owners to bring transparency into their supply chain. Because traditional shipping carriers make more money off of business owners who hardly understand their supply chain, ShipScore has been dubbed “the app that shipping carriers don’t want you to see”.

After realizing just how critical this information was for brands, ShipHero made the decision to offer this tool to anyone with a Shopify store, free of charge, whether or not they are an existing ShipHero customer. ShipHero CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Rubin explains: “Our industry has a bad pattern of obscuring costs and performance. Merchants should understand how their warehouse and shipping carriers are performing. They should have access to that data without needing consultants or expensive software. We built the software to provide that data and we made it free for everyone, whether they’re a ShipHero customer or not.”

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Users with a US-based Shopify store can filter their shipped orders by state, by shipping method, and by date range to see a clear dashboard of recent orders. E-commerce business owners can identify gaps in their supply chain and get a clear picture of how their brand compares to their peers in terms of order picking, packing, and preparation. Based on this data, owners can better allocate resources like budget, talent, and time to the areas that matter.

ShipScore is the first app of its kind to offer visibility into shipping carriers that are known for vague and complex retail supply chains. All recommendations are tailored to the specific Shopify stores and provide real, actionable insights into the retail supply chain.

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