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Finn AI’s Conversational AI Chatbot Capability is Now Available on the Q2 Digital Banking Platform

Finn AI, the leading AI-powered chatbot platform for banks and credit unions, announced it has developed a certified integration with Q2, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, to bring a conversational AI chatbot to the Q2 digital banking platform. Available immediately, financial institutions on the Q2 digital banking platform can add Finn AI’s banking to their mobile and online banking experiences.

The Finn AI banking chatbot is an AI-driven conversational assistant – built specifically for banks and credit unions – that enhances the customer experience by using easy to understand language to improve digital engagement. Each Finn AI virtual assistant is trained in banking “out of the box” and aggregates data from all customers for a dedicated library of banking-specific inquiries and pre-defined responses.

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“Q2’s impressive roster of banking customers is already heavily invested in using technology to offer an innovative customer experience,” said Jake Tyler, CEO of Finn AI. “Now, they have access to Finn AI’s best-in-class Banking Chatbot so they can quickly and easily add automated, 24/7 assistance into their digital channels.”

Banks and credit unions are rapidly adopting chatbots to improve self service capabilities but face challenges integrating chatbots into authenticated online and mobile banking channels. Finn AI has built an integration with Q2 Digital Banking using the Q2 Caliper SDK to overcome this, enabling Q2 customers to easily and quickly add a best-in-class banking chatbot to their prime digital channels.

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This integrated product is a true virtual banking assistant, capable of handling thousands of common banking queries and tasks including authenticated actions like checking balances, putting a hold on a card, and changing account details.

United Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is a Q2 digital banking client that has now implemented Finn AI’s Banking Chatbot to enhance member experience. Using Finn AI has enabled UFCU to give members a safe, conversational experience and free up their call center team for better service. Members responded positively with a 264% increase in online chat volume compared to 2019.

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