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Survey Shows Leadership Support Results in BDR Success

6sense Releases First “State of the BDR Report”

As companies face the new normal of hybrid and work-from-home environments, it is critical for sales and marketing leaders to understand how to protect and increase revenues. According to a new study by 6sense, the leading platform enabling B2B organizations to generate predictable revenue, organizations are doing an excellent job of establishing expectations and taking appropriate steps to satisfy job expectations for those in Business Development Representative (BDR) roles.

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“Our State of the BDR research confirms what just makes sense: when BDRs are equipped with the right tools and feel supported by leadership, they meet their goals,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “It’s a great time to be a BDR. I have a lot of passion and empathy for the very role in which I began my own career and I’m proud that we’re providing companies tools to help their BDRs succeed and contribute to pipeline growth.”

The State of the BDR Report surveyed more than 400 non-revenue, quota bearing, BDRs to understand how the teams responsible for bringing in revenue are being treated as well as  how they perceive their jobs today. The survey asked questions related to tenure, training, job responsibilities, performance, perceived support, and future career goals. Some results to note include:

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  • BDRs feel well supported in their jobs. 82% of BDRs sampled report feeling supported in their role.
  • Perceived support informs performance. BDRs who feel supported by leadership spend 12% more time contacting prospects and earned more quota than BDRs that don’t feel supported by 22%.
  • BDRs who have more tenure tend to feel less supported. BDRs who have been on the job for a year or more feel 9% less supported than those newer to their companies.
  • Sales engagement platforms (SEP) help BDRs feel more supported and thus achieve better outcomes. When BDRs are provided a sales engagement platform, their feelings of support increase by 6%, leading to an 11% increase in quota attainment.
  • SEPs are important for remote BDRs. BDRs working remotely that have access to a SEP such as 6sense, feel on average 7% more supported than remote BDRs that do not have this tool.

Celebrating the BDR Role
As a further commitment to unlocking BDR success, 6sense is hosting its third annual BDR Appreciation Week, Feb. 21-25, 2022. This event is focused on transforming how the industry views BDRs and recognizes them as invaluable members of the revenue team. BDR Appreciation Week includes professional development and training opportunities to help BDRs advance in their career. New for 2022, 6sense is introducing Top BDR Awards, recognizing excellence across five key categories.

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