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Pendo Joins the Microsoft ISV Connect Program to Help Companies Accelerate Adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pendo’s digital adoption solution enables mutual customers to drive faster returns on their investment in Dynamics 365.

Pendo, a platform that accelerates successful product adoption, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft ISV Connect program, enabling Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to help their employees learn how to use the software quickly and successfully.

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By integrating Pendo into Dynamics 365, Microsoft customers can deliver customized onboarding and training inside their Dynamics 365 instance to more quickly ramp sales, field, marketing and customer service teams, regardless of their location or device. This results in higher productivity and a faster return on their Microsoft investment.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Microsoft to help companies drive the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 so that they can better enable their teams to achieve their goals, whether they be generating revenue or accelerating digital transformation,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo. “This collaboration builds on Pendo’s experience helping nearly 2,000 companies improve the adoption of the software they build – and we’re excited to apply all we’ve learned to drive the adoption of Dynamics 365.”

The professional hygiene business unit within Essity, the global health and hygiene company, selected Pendo to improve real-time user support and adoption of Dynamics 365 across its international sales organization.

“Pendo helps us to harmonize how our teams use Microsoft Dynamics 365 across continents and time zones,” said Debbie Wiggins, business systems director in Essity Professional Hygiene. “By providing on-screen support and delivering customized training inside Dynamics 365, we can help teams accelerate their learning curve and support their productivity in their daily work.”

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With Pendo for Dynamics 365, customers can:

  • Accelerate user onboarding and drive adoption of new features in Dynamics 365 with step-by-step guides that walk users through key workflows
  • Increase employee proficiency and manage software changes by personalizing training and providing just-in-time automated support
  • Understand the user experience and plan strategic improvements by collecting data on employee usage of Dynamics 365 and soliciting user feedback within the application

“Microsoft is pleased that Pendo has joined the Microsoft ISV Connect program to bring its digital adoption solutions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers and partners,” said Toby Bowers, general manager of product marketing at Microsoft. “By enabling businesses to customize user onboarding and training inside Dynamics 365, Pendo helps Microsoft customers derive value from our platform even faster.”

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