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NICE Workforce Management Transforms Operations for Alteram Solutions

Alteram transitions from manual processes with NICE WFM to improve agent scheduling and call volume forecasting

NICE announced that Alteram Solutions, a BPO information and communication technology services provider in South Africa, has found great success utilizing NICE’s Workforce Management solutions with expert guidance to improve agent capacity, forecasting, and scheduling. By having the capability to better prepare agents and with accurate staffing, Alteram was able to greatly improve operations and prepare for future growth.

Alteram previously relied on a heavily manual process for agent scheduling and call volume forecasting that was time-consuming, imprecise, and not scalable. Alteram reported that this led to low occupancy of staff during peak times and a high abandonment rate from customers.

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Alteram leveraged NICE’s unique Value Realization Services (VRS) to take global best practices and benchmarks in their implementation of NICE WFM and as a result has seen tremendous improvements. Alteram reported that abandonment rates have decreased by 84%, occupancy has improved by 82%, and boasts a 74% increase in forecast accuracy. These successes have Alteram planning to expand its WFM suite to further improve business operations, employee satisfaction and productivity, and the overall customer experience.

Musa Motautona, Head of Workforce Management, Alteram, said, “When we started this project, I believed we didn’t have time for change management, ‘soft and fluffy,’ I called it. But VRS’ continuous reinforcement and focus on user enablement eliminated the resistance to change we’ve experienced before and sped adoption. It was a secret ingredient to our deployment success and became a point of pride and celebration for us.”

Darren Rushworth, President, NICE International, said, “The successes shown at Alteram highlight the benefits of AI and forecast management. Data provided the blueprint of where adjustments needed to be made, and WFM delivered. We are pleased to continue to support Alteram as they continue to grow and streamline their BPO practice.”

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