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Top Programmatic Email Providers And How They Help Drive Sales Processes

Email marketing and email prospecting is more important than ever. Every day we learn about new technologies and programmatic is a new concept that helps you personalize your email relevant to each of your customers.

With so many things to do at hand, consumers are often found confused. On one hand, they delete the swarm of emails they receive on a daily basis and on the other hand, they look forward to specific messages in their inbox. If their demands are so specific, how do marketers and sales people cater to these requirements and ensure their emails get noticed? Programmatic emails can help.

Programmatic emailing can be considered as real-time emailing and these technologies have empowered email marketers and even salespeople. Such kinds of emails ensure that the customer is receiving the right kind of email, without any need for the marketer to send more. When a customer is not opening 80% of the emails, there are still 20% that are being opened. When you take help from programmatic email providers, you try to fall into those 20% of emails that add interests for the consumers.

Programmatic emails are a new, growing trend and your business should not do without it. We have outlined the following programmatic email providers that can help you drive sales processes.

  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a leading email service provider, it is considered a popular transactional email automation tool. Sendinblue is good at sending transactional emails coupled with some value-worth marketing automation features. Sendinblue is a solid email marketing tool with the best API and a good deliverability rate. Some of the notable features of Sendinblue are SMS, marketing automation, Live chat, Signup forms, Facebook Ads and so on

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  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign was once unknown to the world, today, it is one of the leading email marketing tools with more than 130,000 small business customers. Alongside being a competitive email marketing tool, Active Campaign offers a suite of customer experience automation (CXA) tools. It provides you everything from SMS & email marketing to CRM functionality and site messaging. ActiveCampaign possesses some intuitive designed email templates enabling marketers to craft powerful email automation from scratch. Programmatic and real time automated emails are possible with ActiveCampaign.

  1. Benchmark

Considered best for agencies, Benchmark is a great option for any business wanting a well-designed and easy to use email marketing tool. The tool is reasonably priced and the intuitive design of the email templates sets the tool aside from its competitors. The designs are not only attractive, but drives huge customer engagement. Some of the notable features of Benchmark are visual email builder, landing pages, marketing automation, reporting, A/B testing and so on.

  1. Autopilot

While Autopilot is known for marketing automation, it has been revered as a great email marketing tool as well. Modern times are not for bulk emails, we are looking at sending some real-time programmatic emails. Autopilot will help you send the right messages to the right leads at the right time automatically. Marketing automation sits at the heart of Autopilot. Create incredible email automation sequences with Autopilot.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot has everything a modern marketer and salesperson needs today. From CRM, to marketing automation, email marketing, team collaboration, chats, forms, landing pages and everything that you need – HubSpot has it right here. HubSpot is a perfect choice for B2B marketers, sophisticated agencies that need in-depth reports on their marketing tunnel. HubSpot is an expensive option, but its email marketing area is the best you can have.

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  1. Omnisend

Perfect for medium and large sized enterprises, Omnisend is quickly adapting to the new MarTech trends and is becoming one of the leading marketing platforms for e-commerce stores. Designed to help large enterprises automate their tasks, Omnisend offers features of automated emails, SMS, push notifications and incredible integrations with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, WhatsApp and Messenger.

As the tool precisely focuses on email marketing, Omnisend has designed innovative email templates to reduce cart abandonment and boost repeat buyer behavior.

  1. Bronto Marketing Platform

A very unique marketing platform combining email, mobile and social messaging with an amazing drag and drop automation in a unified easy to use platform. It belongs to the very powerful Oracle NetSuite helping organizations of all sizes to grow revenues, save time and optimize marketing. Programmatic and real-time emails have become easy with Bronto. It offers personalization, automation, and analytics & reporting so precise that you know which email worked and which didn’t.

It is time that we adapt to the new trends of email marketing and email prospecting.