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Sales Gamification Software For You!

Sales Gamification Software or sales competition or sales contest software are tools and technologies allowing sales managers to monitor and influence their sales performance with the help of games, competitors and interesting competitive ranking displays. The goal is to motivate sales persons to sell more within a given time frame.

Many of today’s sales gamification software allow for complex team games, mini-games and one-on-one challenges to focus on individual as well as team goals. While most of the sales contest software come with preloaded contest templates, there are some software like Hoopla that allow the managers to create custom games and even allow various sales managers to challenge each other.

Besides motivating sales people for more sales, Sales gamification software also helps:
  • Boost CRM adoption along with other sales technologies. When the sales reps want their game scores and rankings to be updated and accurate, they need to feed the numbers regularly in their CRM.
  • Improve reporting, which is a critical function and a great advantage of sales gamification software. Through TV streaming and mobile apps, the sales gamification software makes is easy to create a centralized performance reporting interface.

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Some of the common features we might see in all the sales gamification software are sales contest templates, contest flexibility, mobile game functionality, sales rep views, social competition/game collaboration, integration to Salesforce, TV streaming and much more.

A few of the top sales gamification software:

  • LevelEleven

LevelEleven is one of the most popular sales gamification software designed to identify sales performance behaviors and drive results by offering incentives to the better performers. The platform is known as “Fitbit for sales” and the tool can create engagement and visibility of the top and the poorest performing sales person in the team.

  • Hooplas

Hooplas helps create a healthy competition among your team members, drives big and measurable gains in the overall team’s productivity. Hoopla helps utilize your own data with the help of multiple integrations by a simple and yet powerful application, which makes it very easy for the sales managers to celebrate, motivate and score more wins.

  • Ambition

One of the leading sales gamification software in the world, Ambition is a good tool for your sales teams. Whether you need to motivate the in-office sales teams or the teams sitting in different corners of the world, Ambition has all the necessary features and gamification to motivate your sales teams. Get Ambition and coach your sales team, motivate their performance and uphold your reps accountable for their goals.

  • Spinify

Spinify’s team understands how tough gamification can be and so, they came up with this tool to make the task a little less complex. Spinify offers you the right tools to solve the gamification puzzle with a fast and easy setup. They have amazing playbooks with sample data from over 4,00,000 leaderboards.

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  • SmartWinnr

SmartWinnr helps sales managers with gamified KPIs to boost sales. You can find plenty of AI-driven quizzers along with regular motivational reinforcements to drive knowledge. With SmartWinnr, you can engage your staff with constant coaching to improve your performance. It is a platform that will always keep your sales teams up to date with product knowledge, increase sales and guarantees uniform messaging during customer interactions.

  • Zoho CRM

Zoho has a lot to offer to marketing teams and with many other tools available in the Zoho suite, this one is an incredible one too. Zoho CRM is cloud-based and it can be integrated with other sales CRM systems to cater to the modern needs of businesses. Used by more than 1,50,000 businesses across the world, Zoho CRM helps sales teams build strong relationships with customers by improving productivity of the sales teams.

  • Engagedly

The Engagedly platform has been built after decades of research. The platform offers incredible tools to drive sales performance. Its Modular Platform helps organizations to execute their strategies with performance appraisals, 360 reviews, goals/OKRs and lots more. It also offers techniques for 1 on 1 feedback, coaching/mentoring, engage with the employees on a personal level.

Most of the successful businesses have a lively sales floor with an ever enthusiastic sales force closing deals and ringing bells every time they clinch a deal. To keep these enthusiastic people motivated, it is important to keep such software handy.

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