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Consumer Intelligence Platforms That Can Drive More Sales Impact

Customer satisfaction is the key to business growth. A business, which understands the needs and expectations of customers always stays ahead of the competition. They know what their customers want and they know how to influence buying journeys and decisions. With a deep understanding of the consumer anatomy, a business can take focused decisions that help in fostering effective and long-lasting relationships.

A Consumer Intelligence Platform gathers and analyses customer information and their activities. The software helps businesses to understand the customer behavior and what affects their purchases so that they can better serve their customers.

The notable benefits of consumer intelligence platforms:

  1. Boosts customer loyalty
  2. Enhances business agility
  3. Helps build strong customer relationships
  4. Streamlines marketing efforts
  5. Creates a competitive advantage.

A few of top consumer intelligence platforms:

  • All Sight

All Sight is an AI driven platform to manage customer data. The software’s mission is to enable business users and data scientists to get actionable customer insights. Leveraging the latest and modern technology, AllSight Intelligent 360link fragments data, enriches it with intelligence and insights to make it actionable for both operational and analytic use cases.

  • Accenture Insights Platform

Accenture insights platform is a complete integrated suite of software that help in solving business problems, allowing more control over business outcomes. This software uses market leading tools to solve business problems. The solution comes with plenty of integrated software tools that support a wide range of business organizations and industry functions. The platform has built its apps ensuring that they are flexible, agile and customized.

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  • Verint

Verint is a global leader in actionable intelligence solutions. With the help of enriched systems, organizations of all sizes and various industries can make more timely and effective decisions. The actionable intelligence solutions of Verint help organizations the following challenges:

  • Customer engagement optimization
  • Security intelligence
  • Fraud risk and compliance
  • Janrain

Janrain offers plenty of functions to improve user experience on various types of sites as well as to gather consumer data, create rich user profiles and improve the user experience. It offers businesses with social login tools, which the businesses can use to login from their existing social profiles. The other features of the software are social login, customizable interface, full-time support for 30+ social networks, collect rich customer profile data, real time form field and so on.

  • DataSift

DataSift platform offers access to real-time and historical social data as well as the ability to aggregate, filter and extract insights from popular social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Its latest core processing engine VEDO makes it possible for the software users to utilize ML (machine learning)to sort the social data based on the context and meaning.

  • IBM predictive Customer Intelligence

The platform makes customer engagement relevant, customized and consistent by developing behavior based customer profiles and segments. The predictive customer intelligence from IBM helps with real-time scoring, decision management, and integration through omni-channel allowing users to have a relevant, constant and steady engagement planned for the customer.

  • Oracle Data Cloud

It is a complete integrated cloud offering service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. Oracle data cloud helps organizations increase business agility. With the help of Oracle third party data audiences and businesses have actionable and insightful ways to reach consumers across all their channels and devices. By combining its pre-built ad custom online and offline data solutions, Oracle Data Cloud enhances customer experiences.

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  • Rannko

Rannko offers a simple and effective Review & Reputation software that builds on customer experience by controlling the customer reviews, online reputation, online presence with listings and everywhere else that it matters. Their mission is to understand the complexities of how reviews & accurate customer information impact the business. The software offers a simple yet advanced set of reputation and review features.

These software tools are driving companies to understand customer expectations. With the help of the insights given, it is easy to seek out advice from consultants and analysts so that better policies can be implemented to keep customers happy and engaged.

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