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Sales Events to Consider Attending (for the remaining!) Part of 2020!

Change is constant and with these everyday changes that businesses worldwide are experiencing, it is important to keep up to date with the latest marketing and sales strategies. Particularly during this pandemic, it’s crucial to have an edge. Events are a great way of enriching your knowledge and boosting your sales and networking opportunities.

Here are a few events to look forward to in 2020:

  • Name – SaaStr Annual 2020
  • Date – 2- 3 September, 2020

One of the largest SaaS conferences, SaaS Annual 2020, goes digital. The two day conference that is expected to bring together 50,000 SaaS executives, founders and VCs is based purely on sessions that aim to enhance your business. This non-vendor conference assures you of no ads and no paid content. The best experts in the industry will hold mentoring sessions, AMAs, and 1:1 sessions to enrich your learning. Some of the experts include Aaron Levie – CEO at Box, Jennifer Tejada – CEO at PagerDuty, Erica Brescia – COO at GitHub, Eric Yuan – Founder & CEO at Zoom, Kirsten KlipHouse – President, North America at Google Cloud, Adam Blitzer – CEO at Salesforce Marketing Cloud and several more.

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  • Name – Sales 3.0
  • Date – 24-25 August, 2020 | Toronto, ON
  • 13–14 October, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Hosted by Gerhard Gschwandtner – Founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine, and Owner of Sales 3.0 Conferences. The conference aims at facilitating the right networking and right training for the leaders in sales technology. Sales 3.0 aims at providing the sales leaders with strategic insights and best practices to improve their revenue generation, and in turn be able to boost the success rate of their sales team. The gathering is limited to 300 attendees to ensure everyone gets to interact directly with world’s renowned speakers and are able to grasp the leading technologies, new strategies, resolve their challenges and empower their teams.

  • Name – Sales Enablement Summit, San Francisco
  • Date – 15 – 16 September, 2020

Sales Enablement Summit lets you network with the best sales enablement practitioners around the globe. The leaders share their insights and strategies to ensure you are on top of your sales enablement game. Some of the key topics covered will be on deploying sales enablement automation, help your sellers fill funnels and shorten sales cycles, driving consistent and predictable interactions and more. You must attend this event to explore new ideas, solve your challenges together with peers who are walking in your shoes, and enhance your tech stack. Some key speakers for 2020 are Roopal Shah – Vice President, Enablement at Salesforce, Brenda Harris – Senior Global Sales Enablement Manager at Oracle, Lisa Duncan – Director of Sales Enablement at Survey Monkey, Trenton Bloom – Sales Enablement Manager at Zendesk, Darlene Samer – Director of Sales Enablement at Yelp and more.

  • Name – TOPO Summit, San Francisco
  • Date –26-27 August, 2020

With 60+ insightful sessions focused on delivering key dynamics that drive revenue growth. This summit is known to have the content that can help transform your organization. It brings together the best of B2B marketing and sales professionals to guide them on what works best for their organization. Two days of the event are packed with go to market strategies, best practices on what works and what not and endless networking opportunities.

Some of the speakers are Britney Bartlett – Sr Director, Demand Response Team at Cisco, Nikki Curtis – Head of Sales Enablement at Slack, Scott Holden – CMO at ThoughtSpot, Pete Johnson – Senior Director of Marketing Operations at ServiceNow, Sheevaun Thatcher – Head of Global Sales and Growth Enablement at Ring Central and more.

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  • Name – B2BSMX (Sales Marketing Exchange), Boston, MA
  • Date – 10–12 August, 2020

The event will revolve around over 50 sessions based on sales and marketing insights. The keynotes presented by the best industry leaders will provide hands on guidance on ABM, Revenue operations, partner marketing and more. There will also be intimate workgroups which will aim to offer thoroughly researched content for content marketing and sales enablement executives. The speakers for 2020 are yet to be announced. Some of the speakers from 2019 have been from companies like Drift, April Six ,Workato,, ON24, LeanData, TechTarget and the likes.

  • Name – Gartner CSO Summit, Las Vegas, NV
  • Date – 6–8 October, 2020

The Gartner CSO summit is a conference with exclusive focus on chief sales officers and sales leaders. The summit covers sales strategies, sales enablement and sales operations. Gartner being a renowned advisory and research firm can provide great insights on changes in the customer expectations and the evolving tech landscape. With the sales industry now facing uncertainties owing to the novel coronavirus these insights on customer buying behaviors, account planning collaboration, and sales technology will be of great aid. There will also be breakout sessions, workshops, roundtables, and 1:1s to gain the practical tools you need to transform your sales team.

  • Name – 2020 Sales Success Summit, Austin TX
  • Date – 12–13 October, 2020 

This event is a one of its kind, while other events let you network when you are at that event, sales success summit starts inviting you to monthly zoom calls from the moment you register. Allowing you to build relations much before the event. The event is designed for sales people by sales people with a maximum of 190 attendees, so that all get an opportunity to build their network in a qualitative and supportive environment. The speakers at this event are the ones who usually have featured on the sales success stories podcast.

  • Name – Sales Growth Virtual Summit
  • Date – 5 – 6 November, 2020

The Sales Growth Virtual Summit is a two day event hosted by Women Sales Pros, with over 40 sales leaders sharing the best sales strategies for everyone in sales. The event will consist of 20mins sessions which will guide you on the best practices, the tactics and technology you need to enhance your sales. The event will conclude with some interviews of the day’s speakers, where the questions if any, can be addressed by those leaders. All of this knowledge is going to be just one click away. Trish Bertuzzi – CEO at The Bridge Group, Carole Mahoney – Founder at Unbound Growth, George Brontén – Founder & CEO at Membrain, Cynthia Barnes – Founder and CEO at National Association of Women Sales Professionals, Nancy Nardin – Founder & CEO at Smart Selling Tools and more.

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  • Name – Dreamforce
  • Date – 9–12 November, 2020

Dreamforce, one of the biggest tech conferences is now a virtual event. This Four day and night long conference will help you engage in lots of networking opportunities and inspiring keynotes. The theme of the event revolves around how technology shapes the future of selling. One can learn about the newest products, technology and get hands on with it. Salesforce this year has stated that it will record as much content as possible on demand viewing.  So in case you miss it live, you would still have the chance to catch up on the event. However, it is always best to be live and witness the enthusiasm and enjoy this virtual experience.

  • Name – SalesHacker Success Summit
  • Date – 9-13 December, 2020

SalesHacker Success Summit is said to enable you to pick up the required sales skills in one week, which would require a year for the people who won’t attend. These skills will enable you to start 2021 on the right note. There are no registration fees for this event, no sponsors, it is a virtual event which is cost-free. Around 27 tech leaders will gather to share the essential skill set you need to ace your game. Some of them are Becc Holland – Head of Sales Development at, Max Altschuler – Founder & CEO at Sales Hacker, Mark Kosoglow – VP of Sales at Outreach, Josh Braun – Founder at Sales DNA and more.