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A Short Round Up Of Top Global Sales Enablement Software Providers (From 2020!)

Sales enablement is a challenging blend of art and science that requires an extensive understanding of your internal customer”. 

Everyone who runs a business, has one idea and goal – to sell more. The most talked about Sales enablement software are the ones used to create strategies for motivating, equipping, and training the sales team to ‘sell better’. The software will focus on high-quality and targeted sales efforts in such a way that not even one sales call goes in vain. All the sales strategies are supported by high end sales content and sales intelligence depending upon the opportunities. 

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When it comes to choosing the right sales enablement software, there are two things to take note of: 

  • Some tools focus on specific and key areas of sales enablement, and
  • Some tools will offer a suite of sales enablement capabilities

Sales enablement is mostly categorized into sales content management & presentation, sales coaching and training, sales performance management, customer relationship management, sales intelligence & intent data, sales email tools, and predictive analysis. The year 2020 saw a rise in demand of various sales enablement tools and while we are well into 2021, let us take a roundup of the most popular and effective sales enablement tools in the industry that made waves through all of 2020:

  • HubSpot Sales hub

With endless positive reviews, the HubSpot sales hub is one of the best sales enablement software available for all medium and large sized enterprises. Every kind of sales automation from HubSpot has made things easier for the modern marketers of today and this is no different. HubSpot Sale Hub can supercharge your sales process with its powerful and easy to use CRM tool including robust sales analytics, sales engagement tools and configure price quote (CPQ) functionality. 

  • Seismic

Next in our list is Seismic, which enjoys a user rating of 4.6/5 and it is a renowned leader in sales and marketing enablement. Most of the global sales teams rely on the tools and capabilities of Seismic, it equips global sales teams with messaging, personalised content and other customize tools for effective buyer interactions. Seismic is used by global enterprises like American Express, IBM, PayPal and Quest Diagnostics. 

  • Highspot

Highspot is one of the most loved sales enablement software by sales reps around the world. Highspot organizes marketing content, improves sales performance and drives sales enablement impact. The software is trusted by global enterprises like RedHat, RingCentral, Siemens, Aetna, Fiserv and many more. 

  • MindTickle

MindTickle is a sales readiness software and it always available for all of your sales automation tasks. It is one of those sales enablement software, which drive sales throughout the organization. The companies leveraging the power of sale enablement through Mind Tickle are Unum, Mongo DB, OLA and many more. Recently, the software company announced a $100M funding led by Soft Vision bank. 

  • Outreach

Outreach is a renowned sales automation and sales enablement platform garnering popularity all across the globe. The modern world calls for remote selling and to boost your remote selling, Outreach will help you close your deals faster. Outreach will make your sales rep highly productive, collaborate securely within and outside the organization and optimize the customer’s lifecycle for revenue lift. Some incredible organizations using Outreach are Zoom, Docu Sign, Glassdoor and many more. Forrester has named Outreach as one of the sales engagement leader in the world. 

  • Brainshark

Brainshark believe in preparing the sales team today so that they can perform in the future. With the help of Brainshark, organizations can empower their sales teams with the right knowledge, skills and insights that they need to perform at the most optimum level. Brainshark is named as a leader in sales coaching and learning by Aragon research and Forrester.

  • Level Eleven

Level Eleven empowers the sales reps and motivates them to accomplish their sales goals. It offers tools like real time TV broadcasts, data driven coaching and personalized scorecards to improve the performance of the sales reps. Some of the global organizations using Level Eleven successfully are Paycor, Bluewater, Vector Solutions and many more. The managers have a real-time experience into each team and individual’s performance and they enjoy coaching their sales reps with the help of the coaching tools available with Level Eleven. 

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It is important to speed up the sales process these days and whether you need help with organizing sales documents, training new sales agents or tracking performance matrices, sales enablement software will come handy.