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Price Optimization Tools For B2B Sales Teams

Making accurate and real-time pricing solutions is the need of the hour. And, price optimization tools offer the ability to do that and more.

Customers are usually interested in knowing the price of the products and organizations that get the pricing right win more agreements and renewals of contracts, most of the time. Nonetheless, getting the pricing right for a complex product portfolio can be tricky and challenging. Adding to the complexity is the volatile marketing conditions, neck to neck competition, regulatory constraints and other challenges that can add to pricing challenges.

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Companies require a dynamic approach for crafting better B2B pricing policies, their approach can be adjusted in real-time, to suit market standards and changes, a pricing system that considers all the internal and external factors and a system that leads teams to an optimal price is now the need of the hour. The solution needs to be integrated within the system and easy to use as many stakeholders are involved in the pricing decisions especially for enterprise scale products and services.

Price optimization tools can offer dynamic pricing solutions by taking in precise data to create sustainable prices giving the organizations better returns in the future. As the need for more optimal prices increased in the market in the recent past, there was a surge in the adoption of pricing software. Here we round up the top global leaders that are making the game of pricing easier for their clients.

1. Zilliant

Facing a vast array of pricing challenges? Zilliant is at your rescue.

With a focused and streamlined analytics system, Zilliant helps major B2B companies conquer their pricing challenges. The software leverages a unique blend of data science and software allowing companies to gain more strategic control of the overall business performance. The state of the art cloud platform coupled with outcome-focused dedication offers business leaders the confidence and know how to remain competitive in the present and in the future.

2. Vendavo

Empower your B2B business with Vendavo as the software shifts to digital business for most of the behemoths of the industry. With Vendavo, you can unlock your true potential, grow margin and accelerate revenues. Vendavo offers its unique Commercial Excellence Platform to develop dynamic customer insights, optimal pricing, boost sale effectiveness and improve customer service. By offering cutting edge analytics and deep industry expertise, Vendavo helps the B2B businesses stay a step ahead of the competition.

3. PriceFX

Price FX is a pioneer price management software with matchless capabilities. The main features include CPQ solutions, price optimization and real time price management. The primary benefit of using Price FX is that it offers flexible solutions to fit in every industry irrespective of the size of the business. The price FX regiment includes PriceAnalyzer, PriceOptimizer, PriceBuilder, PromotionManager, QuoteConfigurator, RebateManager, PlatformManager and ChannelManager.

4. Prisync

From the small-medium sized businesses to the Fortune 500s, Prisynfc is for everyone. The data derived from the software offers a detailed analysis that is executed to transform the game plan by increasing sales growth and profit margins by as much as 20%. They have a great customer support team, which is available 24*7. Other features offered by the software are checking historical pricing trends, bulk importing & exporting, unlimited email alert, worldwide currency coverage and so on.


While every business is feeling squeezed and strangulated by the competition under a volatile economic landscape, the industry leaders should learn the way to better serve the customers and grow more. PROS smart science solutions are here to help. The software blends simplicity and the machine learning to better forecast and smarter money utilization. In a fierce and competitive market, the tools for PROS help you get sustainable revenue and improved profits. The notable features of the software are robust product catalogues, product service and configurations, omnichannel price management, real time price delivery and many more.

6. Competera

Competera is one of the common price determination software tools used by retailers but it is becoming popular in B2B business as well. By utilizing last generation technology coupled with the top-notch econometric practices, businesses can boost the bottom line metrics and come up with a sustained pricing that no one can defy. The software’s core engine is a system that identifies factors affecting the market pricing.

7. Salesforce CPQ

Configure or CPQ Salesforce is a dynamic and modern price quote software by Salesforce for enterprises to come up with accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. The modern CPQ applications consider quantities, customizations, optional features and discounts thereby allowing the sales reps to quote the prices quickly and accurately. It is a cloud based software and hosted within the Sales Cloud offering a direct link with your CRM.

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While doing business in a highly volatile economic landscape, industry leaders must level-up their pricing game, learn and adapt to better serve their customers.