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Performance Management Tools For Sales Teams And Sales Reps

Boost your sales assessments and sales results with the right performance management tools.

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There is no denying that sales is a hard profession. A sales rep must be dedicated, hardworking and have clearly defined goals to accomplish targets successfully. Performance management tools for sales reps help a lot in this regard and the main reason for the popularity of such tools is that many managers find their sales team are hard to motivate, these performance management tools can help do that in many ways. Besides, these performance management tools can be integrated with your CRM so that sales managers get required assessment information in a unified platform.

A great performance management system can lead sales teams to build successful characteristics and help them win. Here are some of the top performance management tools for sales teams that you should look out for in 2021.

  1. Altify

Sales teams should always win sales opportunities that matter to the business and Altify helps the teams in bagging those opportunities. Essentially a Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) platform, Altify helps in enhancing the revenues, improve sales by aligning the goals of sales and revenue teams. Altify is natively built on the Salesforce Platform and is currently helping thousands of sales reps and sales teams to achieve their revenue goals.

  1. BigTinCan

BigTinCan is an AI powered platform to train and coach the sales reps. The training in turn, enables the sales team to boost their credibility and win more conversions in the long run. BigTinCan is a sales enablement software that fight with the challenges slowing you down. Offering faster learning techniques, ideas to sell smarter and ensure greater productivity remains the end goal of this sales platform.

  1. Factor8

Factor 8 offers commendable training regimen for reps and sales managers with an aim to increase sales, faster conversions and boost in the overall revenue of the organization. The various services this platform offers are rep training, manager training, consulting, online sales rep training and so on.

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  1. Hoopla

Hoopla is a performance motivation software to inspire your team. The platform helps in taking in the assessment of the sales teams. The report comes in customized delivery of key insights on how to motivate the team’s performance to boost it. With Hoopla by your side, it is easy to improve the culture, engage the entire company and motivate the team irrespective of their geographical locations.

  1. LevelEleven

Motivating the sales team is one thing, while channelizing the motivation in the right direction is another. LevelEleven is going to help you cater to the latter. With the top-notch features like real time TV scoreboards, personalized scorecards and data-driven coaching, LevelEleven is going to take your sales game a little further.

  1. MindTickle

Everyone is using data analytics to ready and study the behavior of the sales reps, MindTickle helps revenue leaders ramp up their work and improve the performance with the help of data driven insights. The insights from MindTickle helps in improving your sales and drives revenue throughout the organization.

  1. Point Forward

PointForward is a popular sales readiness platform that is successfully creating modern sales teams. PointForward offers flexible solutions to launch new products, align messaging, reinforce sales skills, assess sales capabilities and onboard new sales reps. The new sales reps are further trained to churn themselves into the best sales reps ever.

  1. ThinkSmartOne

ThinkSmartOne is the next generation sales enablement platform that works on the root cause of low performance. They offer AI based incentives, leverage the investment with comprehensive motivation programs that leads to increase in sales. The major benefits of utilizing this platform are reduction in the investment plans, increase in sales and stay connected with the people who move your business.

  1. Veelo

Veelo offers a unique and faster way to grow. This sales enablement software lets the sale team perform its best with in-built training, sales engagement and content management.

Individual Goals, team goals or company goals, these performance management tools are going to help you boost or assess sales performance and results.