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Online Events That Boasted of Some of the Best Immersive Experiences

With the worldwide epidemic of 2020 continuing far longer than anybody expected, many industries are forced to change their handling of events. The same can be said for the event sector as a whole, which is based on bringing people together to engage in the same physical space.

We are witnessing several event organizers thrive rather than just survive, with unique concepts that take the format of online events to the next level. Some of the most immersive experiences have come through online events in the recent past…

What are Online Events?

Online events, also known as virtual events, are exactly what they sound like: events with a set date, time, and schedule in a virtual location rather than a real one.

Online events frequently include both live and on-demand presentations and the ability to connect with other audience members in a web-based virtual world.

Virtual events may be as simple as a webinar or as complex as a full virtual conference when it comes to organizations.

Benefits Of Online Events

  • Participants and organizers both save money by attending virtual events. Hosts don’t need to pay for a high-priced location or spend a budget to hire employees.
  • Online events are accessible to practically everyone since they simply require a device with an internet connection. More individuals may easily attend online events with fewer worries about safety, the commitment of time, money, and event location—including overseas guests who may be unable to attend an in-person event due to distance.
  • Online event hosts save time when it comes to set up and preparation. Participants save time on travel and don’t have to bother arranging arrangements outside of the workplace.
  • Online events make it simpler for your event participants to obtain value from your material without worrying about getting sick or spreading germs when many organizations have reduced employee travel, and others have relocated to remote locations.
  • The material you develop for online events may be locked and made available on-demand or recycled and utilized in numerous ways throughout the year, making these events perpetual gifts to companies.

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Online Events Worth Highlighting Today

1. Google’s SheetCon –

SheetsCon 2020 bills itself as the world’s first online conference devoted just to users of this Google Service. The audience was captivated by in-depth training and professional lectures during this event. The organizers also made excellent use of involvement through freebies. Participants were obliged to post about the event on social media or visit at least five sponsor pages during the event. This project did an excellent job of publicizing the event and its sponsors. Another wonderful feature was the little introduction movie displayed to participants when they first logged in. This video featured a walkthrough of the event’s many features and websites. This made the virtual event very accessible to others who were less into tech.

2. NBA Restart –

The 2020 NBA event makes it on top of the finest online events held. The NBA succeeded in reproducing the adrenaline and thrill of a live game, but they also used technology to enhance the experience beyond the confines of a regular game. No supporters were permitted to attend the games in the league’ because of Covid-19 rules. Instead, the game was broadcast live on a video conference call. To simulate the sensation of a crowd inside the arena, webcam feeds of chosen supporters were shown on boards on the sides all around the court.

3. AWS –

re: Invent is an Amazon Web Services-hosted learning conference for the worldwide cloud computing community. Re: Invent is the most important conference since Amazon is the dominating participant in the public cloud market. Its event in 2020 took place entirely online over three weeks. There were keynote addresses, product debuts, leadership and training workshops, a chat and networking tool for attendees, DJ sets, a mystery video game, and other entertaining diversions to break up the learning. For much of the event’s material, subtitles, translation, summaries, slides, and screen reader compliance were accessible.

4. Adobe Summit –

For the past ten years, Adobe’s Digital Experience conference has been a staple. 2020 was the inaugural online edition, which was a huge success. For their 2020 summit, Adobe chose pre-recorded programming over live-streamed video. This resulted in the smooth delivery of the 100 sessions, with the extra benefit of video post-production and much fewer mistakes. It overcame timing constraints and resolved connection problems.

With the early adopters’ success, more and more businesses and organizations will strive to follow in their footsteps and achieve comparable achievements. These online events have shown to be successful, and they will continue to grow in the future.

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