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Need a Lowdown on Some Top Content Marketing Tools?

A content management system or CMS is software which facilitates the creation, organization, and modification of digital content and in addition to that there are a slew of content marketing tools to make the marketing of all this content easy. These tools usually come handy to automate your tasks like editing videos, podcasts, scheduling posts, helps you identify the trending topics to write on, shares data and analytics on user behavior and a lot more. Everyone likes to know where their content stands and they like to understand what’s going on in their customers mind so that they can tweak their content strategy to gain more readers.

Let’s look at some of the better known tools that have kept pace with the evolving content marketing space.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a tool that offers marketing, sales, customer service and CRM facilities, the tool also helps you plan relevant content to generate sales and drive leads by helping you understand more about your user’s behavior. The content tools within HubSpot consist of form builder, pop up tools, free live chat software, a wordpress plug in for marketing, and a content strategy enabler. The content strategy tool focuses on SEO, it helps you discover the best topics to write about, optimize the content, teaches you how to create a content pillar page, with examples. Whatever level you are at, HubSpot will have solutions to help you with your content marketing program and enhance your sales performance.

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  1. WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System that allows you to create and publish your content on a website or a blog. It is user friendly and you don’t need to be a developer to be able to use WordPress well. The tool allows users to have full control on the look, design, font, format and other aspects of their content. It lets you preview the content before you publish it. WordPress gives you lots of free designs, themes, hosting and support and is being used by millions of companies globally.

  1. Wordable

This tool is for all the content managers, editors, and bloggers out there. Wordable lets you instantly export Google docs to WordPress with just one click. All you have to do is open Wordable, it will show you the last 10 files you edited in Google docs and lets you export the one you need. Once you click on export, your work is done! Wordable relies on a third party external service which is responsible for the formatting and reorganizing of the HTML code exported from Google Documents located on users Google Drive for the purpose of importing those Google Documents into the user’s WordPress site.

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  1. SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

Search Engine Optimization is the process of growing your website traffic. To be a successful content marketer, your content must be optimized for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and that’s exactly what SEMrush helps you with. The tool, by providing an enormous database for keywords, helps content marketers to rank higher in the SERPs. The 7 step approach as explained by SEMrush consists of the following steps to ace your content game – Research, Plan, Write, Optimize, Analyze, Measure and Improve.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an all in one content marketing tool, it shows you the content that’s trending for you to be at pace with your competitors. During the launch of BuzzSumo, content research was their only feature, and they later expanded to tons of other features.  The section is dedicated to research and analysis for you to know what’s worked best and also what is the best publishing time for your posts. It also has a web text analysis feature to help you find the right keywords, or to know how many times and where your company has been mentioned. Alongside these features it also has a project section that lets you save all the content you would need later.

  1. Audacity

The most trending example of audio marketing can be Podcasts. Audio usually takes up the largest portion of the time you spend everyday and investing in audio marketing will help you deliver significant results. Audacity is a free audio editing tool for recording or editing podcast interviews or any other audio source and converting them into various formats. It is capable of effects such as normalization, trimming, tempo, background noise removal, fading in and out and more. It can also detect dropout errors, identify long pauses etc. for you to be able to deliver professional audio content.

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  1. Google Analytics

With elaborated data reporting and analyzing options, Google Analytics is a must for any content marketer. The tool can help you learn how customers are engaging with your content, what kind of content works for you, allowing you to make the required tweaks in your strategy for it to work better. Google Analytics provides you the insights on marketing campaigns, traffic sources, landing pages etc.

  1. HotJar

HotJar is a behavior analytics tool that analyses the data on the users of your website. It gives you features like heatmaps, session recordings and surveys for you to run on your website and get the right feedback. While tools like Google analytics give you quantitive data, HotJar will help you with the qualitative data as in what worked best for you. By qualitative we mean you can also see the elements that were clicked by your user for you to get a better and to enhance your content strategy in according to the user preferences.

  1. Contentools

Contentools is an efficient content marketing platform designed to create, publish, analyze content. The app also includes an in app feature of SEO and content editor that lets you create content with an SEO indicator in place. Some noteworthy features are AI powered content insights, scheduling feature for social media posts, collaboration support i.e. it allows integration with over 1000 software like Slack, Google drive, Dropbox, Salesforce for seamless execution.

  1. Contently

Contently is not a tool but a content production company that aims at creating a story for your brand and enhances your brand value. Contently, recently, has introduced three new content marketing features namely Content Intelligence – offers analysis of your content strategy and workshops, letting you know the topics and channels your audience likes to engage with, Content  Accelerator – it lets your team collaborate and use editorial calendars, content management, collaboration tools, and approval workflows, for the team to get faster results, and Content studio, their premium option in which their team handles your content program; the ideation, creation and planning of your content for you.