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Humanizing your Sales Conversations!

One of the biggest challenges facing any customer-facing team or sales team today revolves around being more human during a prospecting conversation or cold call while using sales automation to not only scale sales outreach and overall efforts but to also ensure every sales call is more personalized and humanized.

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The biggest mistake that sales leaders and SDRs or AEs make today revolve around automating a large part of their sales messaging without putting a proper focus into how sales cadences are received, whether they are hitting the right note with the audience, whether in fact they are reaching the right audience to begin with… 

As sales teams get set to power through a new quarter in 2021, what are some of the most common mistakes that they should look at avoiding and what are few of the (out of the box!) factors that they can focus on, to drive better sales engagements?

Here are a few ideas!

Adding Humor to every Sales and Prospecting Conversation

Not everybody has the gift of gab (often times considered a necessary feat in sales) and not everyone can be funny or humorous on demand. But for those sales teams and SDRs who have been jostling for their prospects attention with well thought out cadences, getting their prospect to agree to a meeting is just one part of the battle being won. 

The other lies in ensuring the sales conversation is interesting and engaging enough to have the prospect agree to a second round of meetings! Adding humor and lightning the spirit of the conversation using light banter, engaging content from current events or even trying to put a twist to a real time marketing and sales situation (by sharing a personal goof-up for instance!) can help you show the more human side of your personality to your prospect and this in turn can help ensure that they open up to you more! Remember, prospects and customers buy products and services from the brands and people they can relate to and this is what should drive the basis of most sales and prospecting conversations, ensuring that prospects can find a way to relate to you. 

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Ensuring you don’t Sound Robotic

Most companies tend to hand a call script to their customer facing teams and sales teams or SDRs, expecting them to run their sales conversations using the script. While on the one hand this can help ensure a proper brand consistency and uniform message, it can on the other hand make SDRs and sales reps start sounding robotic. This is where sales managers and sales leaders need to step into live calls (using sales automation like Gong / can help!) to assess the quality of their sales teams conversations, in order to know where and at what points intervention is needed to tweak the script of conversation for better effect. 

Taking 10 minutes to do some effective Sales research!

With the array of tools available including intent data and buying insights to shortlist and reach out to only those prospects who will most likely be interested in your product, it is that much easier for sales teams to streamline their whole cold calling process. But sometimes, these sales technologies won’t be enough to tell you a few key details about your prospect that can be used to add more personalization and relevance to your sales call. Spending just ten minutes before a sales call to do some quick research on your prospect (going through their social media or LinkedIN, for example), understanding more about their career journey, biggest career highlights, etc can give sales teams the required information they need to dovetail sales cadences based on it. This will help plan sales conversations that resonate more with the prospects leading to more win rates!

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