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How is Conversational AI Impacting B2B Sales and Marketing?

Sales leaders already know that they’ll get more conversions when they connect with customers on a more personal level. 

Simply put, a conversational AI tool uses messaging app, speech based assistants and personalised chatbots to automate communication. This kind of communication helps in creating a unique customer experience.

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These software tools utilize the most intuitive user interface based on the natural language to add a human like communication experience. This saves the time of the sales personnel and helps bring more conversions. It is proved that conversational AI can fundamentally transform an organization’s communication pipeline, opening doors to better communication ideas with customers. These intuitive platforms are useful for both B2B and B2C businesses.

There is an ever increasing demand of personal communication because customers today want a more personalized experience. This surge in demand has given boost to the development of such software tools.

Here are a few top global conversational AI platforms used by leading sales behemoths in the industry.

  1. BotXO AI

When you need conversational chatbots to engage your customers, BotXO AI is the answer. It is one of the top conversational AIs being used by the Fortune 500s. BotXO AI is the perfect software to revolutionize your customer services. The various features of the software include – a user-friendly interface, specialized chatbots, free trial and much more.

  1. SAP Conversational AI

Next in our list is SAP conversational AI, which automates your customer service beautifully. This SAP software tool is going to hand you over with some amazing chatbots, out of which a few are ready made and with a few, you can tweak as per your requirements. The best part about SAP is that, you can create your chatbot in any language you need to.

  1. Passage AI

Passage AI is intuitive, interactive enough to the extent that your customer will even wait for 10 hours to get a simple answer. The team at Passage AI is constantly working to adapt to further technologies to make conversation the biggest asset of every business.

  1. Acobot

Get Acobot and create any kind of chatbot for your online business within a few minutes. It has a simple user interface wherein you just need to input your site URL and the software will do the next part of the process. Adding this chatbot does not mean you need to make any changes to your website, the chatbot will adapt to the website setting easily.

  1. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is an agent of transformation. Qlik Sense is power packed with a powerful suite of data analytics required to run a modern business. Qlik Sense is sophisticated, associative, adaptive and a high performing cloud platform for better customer interactions.

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  1. Houndify

With the help of Houndify, businesses can integrate a flexible, power packed and adaptive voice enabled conversational intelligence into their products. It has an easy to use interface and you do not need any special team to handle the same. The technology of the platform consists of the perfect combination of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) leading to an accurate and speedy delivery.

  1. KAI

Today’s customers are smart and the most demanding. With more and more need of humanizing experience for your customers, KAI is fully trained and ready to cater to changing B2B demands. From the simple transactions to complex orders, KAI helps you manage the customers at each level, quite conveniently.


When you need an enterprise grade, end-to-end conversational platform, is the perfect solution. The best part about is that it can deployed on the cloud or various premises to facilitate the creation of chatbots quickly and easily without compromising on the security.


Utilizing the primary messaging channels, automates conversations for better customer conversions. Without the need for single line of code, it is easy to design, deploy and create mind blowing conversational strategies across each department. With the help of, you can create chatbots for apps like What’s app, Facebook messenger and so on.

  1. MindMeld

Why MindMeld has made its way through to the top because it works on the robust and the popular Python-based machine learning framework, which is loaded with all the utilities required to create quality conversational applications. With MindMeld, one can achieve versatile and useful conversational experiences.

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Today, conversational AI tools are imperative for businesses given that most businesses need to have a strong (and interactive!) online presence.