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Channel Management Tools To Explore In 2021

Channelizing your sales and marketing is the need of hour.

From restaurants, hotels and deliveries, the term ‘channel management’ is used widely in the sales-marketing parlance. It calls for a precise process where a company develops marketing techniques coupled with unique sales strategies to reach the widest possible audience. In short, channel management widens the reach of the brand to its target audience leading to an increased customer base, more sales and profit. The ‘channels’ used here are nothing but ways to market products and services in the market. As the ultimate aim of any organization is maintain a healthy relationship between customer and the product, the channel management tools help in developing programs for selling and improving customer relationship.

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Each channel chosen might use different strategies to reach out the target audience, but the broader mission of the sales campaign remain the same. All-in-all, channel management tools helps in achieving the following business objectives:

  1. Getting a clear picture of end customers
  2. Improve conversion rates and speed up sales cycles
  3. Aligning marketing strategy and sales performance.

The following are the top channel management tools you must explore in 2021:

1. Percolate

Percolate is a comprehensive channel management and web marketing tool helping companies to boost their efficiency, productivity and strengthen the coordination amidst teams. Used by top brands like Cisco, Bosch, Cigna etc., Percolate creates a coordinated customer experience, reduces production costs and offers a clear understanding of marketing impacts.

2. MindMatrix

MindMatrix is another channel management software boosting direct and indirect sales for its users. It is a unified platform used as a marketing automation software, PRM software coupled with marketing asset management. MindMatrix is an all-in-one solution for marketing, sales and promotion, and channelize every task to improve overall efficiency of the organization.

3. DataFeedWatch

As the name suggests, DataFeedWatch enables merchants and agencies to optimize data, and hands over the acute insights to sales persons. Of course, when one has the right data in hand, other information and tasks are easy to channelize. DataFeedWatch is an extremely affordable and easy to install software. It is a popular channel management software offering detailed cost, revenue data, identify and remove expenses on a click.

4. ZiftSolutions

The next in line is ZiftSolutions. It is one of the popular channel management software tools helping users in collaborative selling. Main features of this software include channel analytics, campaign management, incentive management, opportunity management, reseller management and partner management. With such robust features, ZiftSolutions increases channel sales and boost marketing impact of its users.

5. Channel Rocket

When managers need a robust tool to bridge the gap between the sales process viz the pitch, Channel Rocket comes handy. Channel Rocket channelizes the entire sales process by offering reps with compelling sales content to pick up buyers pain points. It offers customized pitch for every sales opportunity and in turn, addresses all buyer issues. You get tailored sales pitches right at your fingertips.

6. Journey Sales

Journey Sales offer B2B sales solution designed for users and their customers. With a very enticing dashboard it offers smart rooms for a cohesive digital experience. Users can easily analyze customer’s digital body language with the help of smart room activity. It helps in delivering personalized sales to customers in an easy-to-use digital environment.

7. All Bound

All Bound is a channel partner and a popular sales management software. Its innovative channel sales enablement features help users to streamline the sales processes and ensure a fantastic sales gateway to customers. It is an intuitive PRM software that advances partner sales results. The major benefits of using All Bound is easy deal registration, create prospect pages, playbooks to equip partners with practical insights and so on.

8. Mobile Force

MobileForce is an incredible customer experience enablement software used by behemoths like KPGCo, TOMCO, Malwarebytes, GoPro and so on. MobileForce offers various products for service and sales personnel, connected portals for customers and partners, and for service teams. It also offers sales force automation (SFA) to track, manage and even monitor field force activities and increasing ROI for the business.

9. Entomo

Entomo Inc is a cloud based channel control and revenue management software transforming modern business by offering unique ways to keep the consumer happy and satisfied. The software helps in boosting the channel visibility of its users. Entomo offers fantastic solutions for strong partner relationships leading to maximized revenues for the organization.

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With the help of a strong channel management system, an organization can manage their entire sales and marketing channels effectively in turn, to enjoy boosted revenues.

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