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Benefits Of Automating Document Workflows And a Few Top Providers

Workflow automation software are an extremely important addition to your digital business models as digitalization takes a front seat in 2021. From generating digital business documents to signing or assigning tasks and activities, investing in an automation document workflow platform will help your business ease  manual processes and replace manual labor with digitized processes.

Especially when it comes to documents, in any industry, they play a vital role in promoting accountability and act as evidential support. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to a decrease in physical face to face human interaction. As we all are connecting virtually, these automating document workflow software can prove lifesavers in this time of crisis to help keep business operations smooth.

Some of the benefits of automating document workflows:

  • Reduced human errors

Humans are bound to make mistakes, but with the help of workflow document management software, you can eliminate the scope of error by depending upon a digitalized data entry process. The chances of any mistakes will be less, and you will also get proper information regarding the update of data entry fields. Even if a mistake occurs, rummaging through a pile of dusty pages is difficult compared to a click of a button.

  • Transparency and easy monitoring

By investing in the right project management and document management system, you can keep and transact all your business activities transparently. There will be less space for corruption as with the help of these automated workflows; you can easily monitor and assign the works to various people. The accountability and the overall workspace gets better as everything is conducted under the strictest supervision, with ease!

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  • Low cost and efficient

The amount of investment spent on paper documentation, stationery items, the paper loads, printer loads, toners, and not forgetting the storage space it takes up is quite substantial compared to that of document workflows. By investing in automated workflow software, you will not only save a lot on the maintenance but also reduce the risk of human error and also contribute your part in cleaning the planet, save a lot of trees. Manual storage is far more cumbersome than digital spaces; therefore, it is time to switch to these automating document workflows for hassle-free and efficient documentation.

  • Save time and money

With easy access to data, you can save a lot of your time. Searching for documents in storage rooms from thousands of files consumes time and energy and wastes human labor. You can easily replace it with this software that does the work for you. You can use the human resources for other additional meaningful (not mundane!) tasks and save the business time and energy.

  • Collaboration made easy!

Business collaborations or intra-company interactions, team collaboration, has never been this easier. Document management software has inbuilt communication tools that will help you in communicating directly with other business ventures. You can easily access the data from various locations remotely and work with an enhanced security system with no scope of trickery. You can easily track that all assigned tasks have been completed and audit trails with these management software packages. You can also bend the office hours, take your work home, and communicate endlessly to expand your business prospects.

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A Few Top Platforms that Offer Good Automated Document Workflows

Some of the best platforms that help you in automating document workflows include:

  1. Zapier – The ideal choice for project management and marketing companies, Zapier uses over 500 integrations to offer you the best workflow systems. It uses a simple interface and provides you with different plans ranging from Starters to Team and Company to Professional level setups based on the software programs’ versatility and features.
  2. ProcessMaker – One of the most used workflow software because of its great price and easy-to-use experience. It is an open-source automation tool that provides you with free workflow templates, a demo plan, and a simple pricing policy. It charges an additional cost per user every month. You can also gain an analytical sight into your work processes with the help of ProcessMaker.
  3. Flokzu – A cloud, low code BPM Suite, Flokzu is famous for its feature icon-based flow charts where you can easily work on your business processes. It is a cloud platform, and it provides you with an enhanced security system, an end to end encryption. Some of its most important features are – customizable reports, reporting/analytics, third-party integrations, access controls and permissions, and document management.
  4. KissFlow – Known for its simple and easy-to-use framework, KissFlow, with the help of intuitive workflow visualizations, has made the software one of the simplest ones in the market. With Dynamic reporting, unlimited channels, customizable notifications, process audit, and visual process design, it has become ideal for mobile-dependent ventures and works for almost every e-commerce website.

Times have changed and so have the technologies that govern business models.

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