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3 Things Every Customer Facing Sales Rep Needs to Start Implementing Now

Salestech, by default, is meant to enhance the productivity and output of every sales member on a
sales team while also ensuring distributed sales teams, especially sales managers and sales leaders
have real-time insights into every sales action being undertaken on target accounts.

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The right choice of salestech and sales process can allow sales teams of even the youngest
companies (startups!) to further streamline, automate and boost sales capabilities to achieve
business milestones a lot faster.

While the implementation of various salestech has been on the rise leading to further innovations by
tech companies to now feature over 1000 core sales solutions across unique categories , salestech
alone can’t help sales teams or sales reps drive engagement and sales success without a proactive

With the need to boost digital selling efforts and ensure that your sales outreach is impactful, what
does it really take? To start with, maybe a few adjustments from the desk of every sales rep:

First, it Pays to Understand the Difficulties

One of the primary goals of every sales rep is to populate their meeting calendar (with the most
relevant prospects in-market). This goal itself warrants a continuous set of email communications
and follow-ups as well as cold calling efforts to help get that prospect onto the calendar. Here’s
where sales reps can use a little bit of creativity (and of course salestech!) to their advantage:

1- Minimizing the Back and Forth for Calendar Meeting Dates

Sophisticated sales technologies and intelligent virtual assistants can now act on behalf of
salespeople and even continue sales conversations without human intervention. But sales reps still
have to step in at some point even if they automate most of their processes using sales technologies.
One of the more efficient ways to cut down on the back and forth between prospects, customers
and salespeople is by using integrated diaries and calendar booking tools to make scheduling easy. In
a digital selling environment where multiple prospect conversations are happening at the same time,
it can sometimes even cause a delay for sales reps to get back to the prospect with final call booking
times and to prevent this delay (which can also lead to fall in interest in a product or service), it pays
to integrate the right booking tools to allow prospects to set up a time to talk with the sale team at
their convenience. While tools like Calendly are a common option today, others like HubSpot Sales,
Meetingbird, Acuity Scheduling, can also help shorten the communication cycle and get the
prospects on the calendar easily.

2- Direct Call / Click-to-Call a Sales Rep

Marketing and sales teams who experiment with the option of adding click to call buttons on their
website make it that much easier for users, readers and interested prospects to contact them easily.
What marketing and sales teams have to do in addition is to ensure that their workflow and backend
processes are well connected so that the right sales or customer rep is able to receive those dials
instantly. Enabling click to call buttons on sales emails might also be a good idea in today’s business
environment, options like these are easily achievable, it requires the sales member to encode a
business number into a clickable link. This allows potential prospects to reach out with minimal
friction as per their convenience.

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3- Creative Email Signatures to Drive Sales

A powerful email signature at the end of every sales email is a great way to share direct contact
information and to also allow prospects to have your information handy, a good email signature can
make a sales rep stand out from his / her peers. While there is no set way to define what your email
signature should look like, the basic fundamentals cannot be ruled out: it needs to portray your
complete name, title and contact information as well as a few points on the key product / service
you represent with a web link. Seeing that email signatures are a must for every sales email, to use
that space in the email to create a better connect with the prospect, sales reps and sales teams
across the hierarchy can consider adding banners, adding a custom call to action, perhaps using
some kind of innovative animation to get the prospect more interested. Tools like WiseStamp can
come handy here, alternatives like Drift, Exclaimer, Opensense are also interesting tools to review.