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Lead Generation And Sales Prospecting Tools For 2021

“Lead generation excels when a campaign is looking to capture a piece of factual intelligence that could never be modelled or predicted through profiling and sophisticated propensity algorithms – Chris Cunningham.”

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The best way to drive effective lead generation tactics lies in teaming proven practices with the best lead generation and sales prospecting technologies.

Here are a few lead generation and sales processing tools that can help you drive impact in 2021:

1. Leadfuze

Your marketing automation is just as important as your sales automation and LeadFuze fits the bill. While the prospecting process is automated, you get time to improve your skills, polish your sales pitch and close deals effectively. Based on the demographics of your ideal customer, this lead generation software can also garner the contact information of similar decision makers and send email prompts instantly. Till date it has more than 50 million records at its disposal.

2. LeadGenius

As the name suggests, it is definitely a genius! It blends high end machine learning capabilities with expert human intelligence to elevate the lead generation and other sales processes. Customers are decision makers and LeadGenius helps in building long term relationships with such decision makers. Have Lead Genius by your side to identify new and valuable prospects, understand consumer segments and buyer personas thereby increasing the value of your sales outreach.

3. LeadIQ

Seeking help from the most loved B2B sales prospecting platform LinkedIn, LeadIQ turns the process of prospecting into a super simple one especially if your sales team is required to create a varied and broad list of verified contacts and sync this data with CRMs like Salesforce and others.

4. LeanData

Keeping lead-rep fit an objective can work wonders. Imagine a promising lead going to the wrong sales rep, it will be a lost opportunity forever. LeanData is different because it helps you in the routing strategy. The consistent, insight driven management features of LeanData will help you direct the right sales rep (based on skill) to the correct lead.

5. MapAnything

MapAnything can be the best partner for your sales reps; MapAnything offers complete visibility on all the location sensitive factors that may affect the business. Now you can easily integrate the software’s geo analytics, geo productivity and other mapping features into any of your CRM like Salesforce and others.

6. Mintigo

Collect exact intel on your prospects with real time and data driven insights from Mintigo. The unique benefit of using Mintigo is its ability to analyze millions of data points including tech subscriptions, financials, purchasing behavior. When you run through these data points against the corresponding models in your CRM, you can prioritize your leads based on the value they are anticipated to generate.


With Nudge AI, your customer insights are enhanced with AI driven insights. Nudge can learn and understand the behavioral pattern of your customers offering real time recommendations on the way to connect with the best prospects in the market. Nudge can be integrated with Chrome, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Slack and any other sales prospecting tools in use.

8. Refiner

You need Refiner to understand the best sales opportunities in the market. Do not waste time in processing the bad leads, instead trust Refiner to help you filter out the good leads and give you directions to move further. Refiner is one of the leaders in lead qualification software ready to help B2B SaaS companies unfurl their hottest sales leads. Refiner adds insights like where are the leads, when to reach out to them, what information should be used and so on to make the sales conversion more relevant.

9. SalesWings

Do you wish to create a timely engagement plan for your sales leads? If so, you will first need to know how your prospects are perceiving your brand. SalesWings offers data on how the prospects are reacting to the current sales messaging and emails. SalesWings offers a suite of plugins like add-ons, APIs and apps that have the ability to detect any specific behavior of the customers.

10. Velocity Pulse

The name itself suggests what it would be doing for you. Velocity Pulse is designed to accelerate and improve the sales by enhancing and polishing the way the sales reps are interacting with the prospects and engaging with them. Velocity Pulse should be used with platforms like Salesforce to increase the productivity of each member of the team including prospectors, SDRs, closers and managers.