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ReadyCloud CRM Rebrands to the ReadyCloud Suite, a CRM, Point-Of-Sale, Email Marketing, Shipping & Returns Solution Built for E-Commerce

ReadyCloud CRM —an ecommerce suite built for consumer retention and growth—has officially rebranded to the ReadyCloud Suite in a move to showcase enterprise-level features for CRM, email marketing, point of sale, shipping, and returns.

“We’re excited to announce that ReadyCloud CRM has officially rebranded to the ReadyCloud Suite,” commented Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud Suite. “As a leader in cross-channel ecommerce CRM software, we’re on a mission to bring a suite of powerful tools to retailers nationwide that helps them improve operations and marketing while building better relationships with their customers from day one.”

The ReadyCloud Suite is loaded with easy-to-use features, tools and plugins. It integrates with the most popular online stores and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Square and others, to create rich cross-channel reports based on consumer order and product return activity.

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Using order data, the ReadyCloud Suite creates instant customer profiles to help the e-retailer improve the customer experience. This includes fulfilling orders faster, offering “Amazon-like” returns, automatically sending customer follow-ups by email or text message (SMS), and communicating internally with team tasks, so a customer inquiry or support request is always in lockstep with their order history.

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“Today’s e-retailers have a lot of browser windows open at all times,” Lazar comments. “They patchwork together different services to their daily business needs. As a result, customer data can get isolated, and sales, support and administrators don’t have the visibility into their daily operations that they should. The ReadyCloud Suite is a marriage of business-essential tools to help internal visibility, collaboration and, ultimately, the customer. It builds a team experience around the customer journey.”

The key to adding these tools is the ReadyCloud App Store. It features a growing library of robust components that include enterprise-level shipping software, ecommerce returns software and point of sale to address the e-retailer’s business needs today and in the future.

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