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Pipeliner CRM Makes Voyager AI Email Assistant Free for All Users

As Major CRM Platforms Increase Prices, Pipeliner Freezes Rates for 2024

Pipeliner CRM, the leading sales enablement tool and CRM software, has expanded its roster of free applications available to its customers to include its popular Voyager AI Email Assistant. Based on one of the most advanced OpenAI models, Pipeliner’s Voyager AI Assistant helps users create fluent and engaging emails directly in the platform. The feature is available via Standard and Mass Emails, Email Sequences and emails sent via Automatizer.

“Pipeliner CRM is about the perception and performance of the salesperson”

Released in 2023, Pipeliner recognizes that email writing may not be the most effective use of a salesperson’s time. While other CRM platforms link to AI-powered resources like ChatGPT, Pipeliner is the first to fully embed its AI Assistant into its platform, allowing users access to generative AI-powered technology while staying within the CRM environment.

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“Pipeliner CRM is about the perception and performance of the salesperson,” says Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner’s CEO. “With the recent rise of AI, we saw an immediate opportunity to apply the technology to our platform in a way that makes the sales process more efficient and engaging for salespeople. With the current economic climate, it feels right to offer our Voyager AI Email Assistant to our customers for free, allowing them access to this revolutionary tool to improve their day-to-day communications with no added cost.”

The AI Assistant takes the busy work out of communicating with customers, ensuring higher quality, targeted messages, whether by email or text. The AI Assistant can instantly change the tone of voice a message is written in, write emails faster and without error, and shorten or lengthen any message instantly. It also works across multiple languages and supports talk-to-text functionality, summarizing a user’s dictation as a paragraph or bullet point.

Pipeliner’s CRM platform is designed to allow the salesperson to stay within the CRM environment to successfully handle all aspects of the sales cycle, saving them both from the hassle and distraction of switching between solutions. The result is reduced TCO, shrinking the need for other third-party applications.

The Most Advanced CRM Platform for a Fraction of the Cost

In a year where most CRM platforms are raising prices without offering any additional benefits, Pipeliner announced its rates will remain the same in 2024. Recognizing the uncertainty many businesses feel in the current economic climate, Pipeliner is committed to offering the most advanced platform to empower sales professionals without breaking the bank.

Instead of charging for each add-on feature, Pipeliner offers a robust suite of tools for free*. In addition to AI Assistant, other free applications include its Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Planner, Relationship Mapping Tool, Account Management Tools, and Email Sequences Tool.

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