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The 2021-2022 Global Top Brands Released

Unveiling New Benchmarks of the Industry

The New Year chime of 2022 has just struck, and the much-anticipated CES arrived right on time. The six Global Top Brands grand awards, together with multiple special awards, competed over by consumer electronics brands from all over the world, have been revealed. On January 6, the 2021-2022 Global Top Brands Awards Ceremony, co-hosted by Asia Digital Group, Europe Digital Group, and TWICE, announced the winners and celebrated their wonderful achievements.

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Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Xiaomi, BOE, Haier, TCL, Changhong…big names in the global technology industry shone brightly on the lists of the six awards – a new level of achievement of all the winning companies. With their collective efforts, the global consumer electronics industry is empowered. Chinese brands once again demonstrated the strength of China in technology, bringing to the world new digital technologies, products and applications and leading the way in the global consumer electronics industry.

A whole house of big and new names in the GTB Hall of Honor

The Global Top Brands is a world-class event of authority, professionalism, and credibility – the hall of honor in international consumer electronics. Themed “Technology contributes to the diversified development of brands”, GTB aims to explore global consumer electronics brands that make continuous efforts in technology innovation and digital competitiveness at its core, promoting digital innovation and development of the industry. The jury of global brand strategy experts and scholars, management of the top international brands, authoritative third-party organizations, as well as renowned media in the industry have conducted a comprehensive evaluation for half a year, which led to the decision on the grand and special awards.

Among the winners of the six grand awards, brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and OPPO were awarded the “2021-2022 Global Smartphone Brands Top 15”, Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit, among others, were awarded the “2021-2022 Global Smart Connected Device Brands Top 15”; Huawei, Changhong CHiQ, TCL, BOE and Haier won the award of “2021-2022 Top 10 CE Brands “; Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense and Xiaomi won the “2021-2022 Global TV Brands Top 10”; and brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei and Sony were selected as “2021-2022 Global CE Brands Top 50”.

Names of industry-leading giants made their presence across the lists, together with maverick innovators and game-changers, which is the living proof of GTB’s featured qualities – inclusive, diverse, and multi-dimensional. GTB does not only limit to the top of an industry pyramid but covers a range of fields and disciplines. Only through such an approach can the evaluations achieve true fairness, as the development driven by technology is bound to be inclusive and diversified with players from different realms involved.

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Technology is the king, showcasing the latest innovations in global consumer electronics.

Chinese brands stood out among the special awards winners. TCL NXTPAPER 10s won the “Annual Eye Care Technology Innovation Award”, TCL OD Zero Mini LED 8K TV X925 PRO/TCL X12 8K QD-Mini LED TV won the “Mini LED Display Technology Innovation Award”, BOE 15.6″ FHD ADS Pro Oxide 480Hz won the “Display Innovation Gold Award”, Changhong CHiQ Metaverse Q8R MaX won the “A lot & Display Technology Innovation Gold Award”, Changhong RGB triple pure laser projector won the “Tricolor Laser Display Technology Innovation Gold Award”, TCL NXTWEAR AIR, the smart glasses, won the “Annual Most Innovative Product Award”. These award-winning consumer electronic products shine with the brilliance of technological innovation, making a statement of the continuous efforts of Chinese brands and their excellence in the world.

At the GTB this year, TCL stood out and won three awards – TCL NXTPAPER 10s is one of the most advanced eye-caring tablets on the global market. Not only does it feature the hardware-level eye protection technology, unique to TCL, that disperses the screen light through multiple layers of films, filters harmful blue light together with ten layers of special filters that protect the eyes, but it also utilizes the micro-etching technology as the solution to the glare issue and creates a display with the spectrum that is closer to the natural light. The technology has achieved certification from the prestigious TÜV Rheinland laboratory – one of the most credible certifying bodies with a history of 140 years. In addition, NXTPAPER 10s is further powered by a diversity of notetaking, sketching, and drawing software with T-Pen, making it the ideal companion for education, design, and creativity. Accessories such as the keyboard and the handwriting board will further improve the efficiency of the mobile office experience. On the other hand, TCL OD Zero Mini LED 8K TV X925 PRO/TCL X12 8K QD-Mini LED TV features a groundbreaking 8K resolution – four times the 4K Ultra HD resolution with incredible brightness and clarity. The innovative mini-LED backlight technology presents an excellent performance of color, contrast, and brightness to achieve such quality. Dolby Atmosphere and Onkyo Audio are integrated, generating an immersive multi-dimensional soundscape. With Google TV, X925 provides an outstanding TV entertainment experience. TCL NXTWEAR AIR smart glasses, only 75g in weight with standard lenses, are undoubtedly the ultimate wearable device. It also comes with two replaceable front lenses for an easy and comfortable fit. It can be easily connected to mobile phones, laptops, and other devices. The smart glasses feature dual MicroOLED 1080P HD displays, bringing a 140-inch large screen immersive 2D/3D viewing experience. It can also be expanded to the large-screen office or gaming scenario, manifesting the innovative development of products with technology at its core.

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