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Adeya listed as a Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle reports

Adeya, the secure collaboration leader, has been mentioned by Gartner as a Sample Vendor for “Secure Instant Communications”  in three recent Gartner Hype Cycle reports: Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2020; Hype Cycle for Data Security, 2020; and Hype Cycle for Privacy, 2020.

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Adeya has expanded into the enterprise market with its real-time end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform, after a decade of working with government organizations. Its platform provides organizations with encrypted and confidential video and audio private and conference calls, messaging, and secure file transfer. At a time when the use of consumer-grade apps within enterprises has dramatically increased the potential for data security breaches and privacy risks, the platform offers employees the ability to collaborate securely and efficiently, from any device and any network.

Gartner Hype Cycles provides a graphic representation of the maturity and adoption of technologies and applications, and how they are potentially relevant to solving real business problems and exploiting new opportunities.

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Adeya has successfully adapted its deep experience and technology developed while working with sensitive governmental clients to meet the needs of enterprises seeking to secure their communications and collaborations, particularly during this COVID-enforced era of work from home. With the rise in remote-working, enterprise demand for improved security, Adeya has been helping increasing numbers of businesses in both regulated and non-regulated industries keep their communications secure, irrespective of their employees’ work location.

Dr. Onur Ozen, CEO at Adeya, said, “It’s a proud moment for us to be mentioned in not just one, but three Gartner Hype Cycle reports. We have seen a spike in demand from enterprises conscious that their current approach to security may be ill-equipped to cope with the decentralized work environments of today. Companies are also increasingly aware of the privacy risks associated with apps provided by big-data hungry providers who harvest and monetize customer information. While many apps claim to be end-to-end-encrypted, very few come close to our level of security and privacy, due to our unique methodology of using a combination of data minimization alongside strong cryptographic and security measures, not only on the network but also on the application, device and server that go beyond transport level end-to-end encryption.”

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