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SalesTechStar Interview with Natalie Dunlap, Sr. Vice President at CloudMellow

A good digital marketing strategy that is tied to lead generation KPIs can enable the right business outcome and results according to Natalie Dunlap, Sr. Vice President at CloudMellow a full-service technology and digital marketing company. Catch this complete interview to unlock interesting tips that can boost your overall online marketing and digital strategy.



Can you tell us a little about yourself Natalie? What’s a typical day at work like for you at CloudMellow?

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida in a very entrepreneurial family. This led me to adapt well to different tasks, company goals and client goals. Everyday is different. One morning I could be leading a round table addressing strategy and campaign deployment and the other half of the day conducting sales interviews for potential new hires.

What have been some of your biggest learnings and key experiences in Technology Sales over the years?

One big learning is that – Nothing stays the same. You have to keep up with trends, keep researching and be an expert in lots of subject matters. I have to remind myself not to get caught up in my own daily behavior when thinking about how to attract new customers. I’ve had to learn to use data and rely on reporting when making shifts or changes.

What would you say are some of the top must-haves or best practices every Tech team’s Digital Marketing campaign should consist of?

 It depends on our client’s goals but I am a big believer of filling the entire funnel. Search is a great way to match keywords with a product or service, so it is the low hanging fruit according to me. However, keeping a brand top of mind with display, social, and rich media like, pre-roll helps tell a story and sell a brand. Good Messaging,  creative touch and content is key. Dynamic Creative Optimization is another way you can really target and deliver the right message to the right audience segment. If I could tell people one thing it would be to stop wasting money on digital marketing. The data available is something everyone needs to use in all digital efforts.

How according to you can marketing teams (digital marketing teams within a tech company) align their efforts and strategies to help their technology sales earn more leads and traction when prospecting?

Having a digital lead generation campaign and setting long term and short term KPIs for lead generation is definitely important. Once you attract leads and see that there is interest, automated content that nurture your leads will assist in conversions.  Find something valuable to offer using this strategy.

How according to you will the typical role of tomorrow’s B2B/Tech sales person evolve given the dynamics and innovations in SalesTech? Similarly, how do you see the changing marketing tech landscape change how digital marketers and SEO specialists plan and execute their roles and campaigns in future?

We already see so much change in the way business is handled. Zoom meetings, webinars and virtual lunch and learns are all leading the way business is performed and showcased. When it comes to changes in SEO strategy and planning, search is getting hyper-specific and voice-based searched is something to focus on when creating content and reviewing keywords and queries.

Your favorite Sales/SalesTech  quote

We are in a highly competitive industry, so I always say “Let’s not confuse activity with performance or accomplishment”, it goes back to the work smarter, not harder concept!

 We’d love to know a little about your future plans!

 The future is bright for CloudMellow, we are growing our sales team, we have an amazing team of 60+ individuals that deliver quality, results driven word and our directors are really knowledgeable when it comes to forecasting where trends are going. We continually train our teams on the latest advances when it comes to marrying technology with marketing.

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CloudMellow is a full-service technology and digital marketing company providing measurable results for digital initiatives. We are goal-focused and planning-driven. We believe in the convergence of data, creative, UI/UX, lead generation and digital marketing to produce results, including our clients constant need to be the best brand in their respective industries. This belief forms the foundation of our approach to solving complex issues for clients. We work in small, cross-functional teams with clients as our partners and users as our focus.  This approach facilitates our ability to create and provide exceptional work and services.

Prior to joining CloudMellow, Ms. Dunlap served as SVP, of SharedLABS Web & Digital Divisions and earlier as President & Founder of Media Mix.  She holds a degree in Behavior & Clinical Psychology and studied at the University of North Florida.

Ms. Dunlap is a senior executive with a record of success in achieving revenue, profit and business goals in early stage and large company environments, both public and private. For over 16 years she has led teams in creating successful marketing and advertising strategies which offer high-quality creative and innovative strategies for both B2B and B2C clients.

Her success has spanned multiple industries to include technology, health care, retail and information technology. Her broad, vast expertise and results driven approach makes her a key leader.


Ms. Dunlap leads the CloudMellow onshore team efforts and is in the company’s Jacksonville, Florida office.