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Red Harp Launches First-Of-Its-Kind End-to-End Sales and Marcom Firm for Emerging B2C Brands

Firm’s Unique End-to-End Business Platform Offers the Most Comprehensive Suite of Branding, Marketing, and Sales Services Under One Roof, Allowing B2C Companies to More Effectively and Efficiently Build their Brands

Red Harp Group, an independent go-to-market firm, is officially announcing the launch of its signature E2E platform (short for “end-to-end”), a suite of services specifically designed to help new and emerging B2C brands go to market. Whereas most companies traditionally engage multiple agencies, vendors, and consultants for advertising, marketing, and sales functions, Red Harp’s integrated model consolidates all of these services under one roof to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Within the past 18 months, the firm has quickly built up a suite of capabilities and portfolio of clients in the consumer electronics space including technology leader Huami.

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The vision for Red Harp’s E2E platform is to help B2C companies supplement insufficient sales and marketing operations, the consequences of which are often cited as a primary reason for company failure. This is done through a comprehensive suite of inter-connected business-critical services, which include:

  • Advisory services that leverage market and consumer research to inform the creation of GTM strategies for use in branding, commercial enablement, and product development.
  • Activation services that provide expert, ongoing operations spanning brand marketing, growth marketing, sales channel management, logistics, and even customer loyalty & success.

“We created Red Harp so emerging brands can work directly with a global partner that offers a one-of-a-kind value proposition: consolidating branding, marketing and sales operations under one roof so what used to be disparate business functions managed by multiple outside agencies and consultants is now centralized and strategically embedded to drive maximum results,” said Allen Yang, CEO and Co-founder of Red Harp.

What makes Red Harp’s solution worth more than just the sum of its parts is how the tailored solution is executed under one roof, with all teams using the same technology, analyzing the same data, and coordinating efforts with highly systematic workflows. The result is a unified sales and marketing organization that behaves and performs like an in-house team. For brands that need the entire suite of services, Red Harp is able to help clients achieve significant cost efficiencies by consolidating a full range of services within a single partnership – a critical advantage for companies focused on rapid growth.The company can also tailor its suite of services and offer individual modular components within advertising, marketing, PR, and sales to cater to the specific needs and life cycle of each unique client.

Allen added,”Our inspiration in starting Red Harp was our observation that, despite a lot of innovation happening all around the world, it seemed few companies were able to capitalize on their innovation to achieve measurable business success on a worldwide basis.”

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To help brands in AsiaEurope, and North America achieve success on a global scale, Red Harp offers subject matter experts in each of its three offices located in global commercial hubs around the World – Beijing, ChinaBerlin, Germany; and Silicon Valley, USA – with plans to open offices in additional markets within the next couple of years. This global presence allows Red Harp to offer clients tailored, localized services that support the unique cultural and commercial demands of doing business overseas.

Since Red Harp’s launch in March 2018, the firm has served as a valued partner for emerging global brands such as Huami, Gree, Zepp, ForwardX, and others in the consumer electronics and smart technology categories. To date, Red Harp has already generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for its brand partners, with plans for even stronger results as the company continues to expand its capabilities and global footprint going into 2020 and beyond.

In applying Red Harp’s E2E platform to its overseas wearables business in the US, Chinese technology conglomerate Huami benefited from Red Harp’s management of their brand and growth marketing, multi-channel sales, and customer success, achieving significant growth YoY across several key metrics: 5.25x increase in ROI; 6x increase in consumer interest; 14x increase in social media engagement; and 55% reduction in returns.

Red Harp plays a critical role in the development of the US market for Huami,” explained Elaine Huo, Head of Business Development & Marketing for Huami US “Their thorough understanding of the local market, in-depth knowledge about our brand, and experienced multidisciplinary team makes them (Red Harp) a strategic partner to help us enter the US”

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