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Certain Unveils the First Real-Time Event Data Integration Tool

Certain Signal allows marketers to unleash true power of event data with hyper-personalized attendee engagement at scale

Certain, an industry leader in enterprise event automation, unveiled Certain Signal an industry-first event data integration solution. Certain Signal empowers sales and marketing teams to take intelligent, real-time action on data captured before and during an event.

Given the massive investment put into events, marketers feel the pressure to achieve transformative results and prove return on investment (ROI). Signal simplifies what has been traditionally a complex task—setting up the right integrations to ensure that event data flows to the right technologies, triggering intelligent and personalized action. This allows companies to create meaningful engagement with event attendees and drive more value and ROI. Additionally, because Signal provides real-time data to adjust and react to, marketing and sales teams can work more closely to achieve overall event goals.

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“Our mission is to help marketers drive measurable results from their events. With Signal, organizations can achieve unparalleled insights to create and customize meaningful experiences that event attendees truly value, and really move the needle in today’s competitive landscape.” said Jon Phillips, VP of Product Management, Certain.

Signal is now available and will empower marketers to:

  • Save time and effort – Reduce the manual effort required in setting up complex integrations. Marketers will see an extremely simplified user experience in setting up field mapping. Additionally, marketers can build integrations across multiple events or series of events instead of having to build from scratch for every single event.
  • Increase personalization with real-time engagement  Marketers will be able to combine the high intent customer and prospect data captured from events with data from other channels to personalize marketing and sales outreach.
  • Make event data meaningful – Through Signal’s rules engine, data captured before and during an event is transformed, based on criteria you set, to inform immediate action.
  • Seamless integrations with third party tools  Signal is easily integrated into popular platforms including Oracle Eloqua and Marketo. [insert quote from third party integrator]

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