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Kaon Interactive Awarded Patent for Multi-User Augmented Reality Technology

Accelerate Buying Decisions With Engaging Collaborative User Experiences

Kaon Interactive, a leading provider of B2B interactive sales and marketing software applications, announced that it has been awarded its most recent patent for an innovative method and system that allows multiple users to interact concurrently with the same objects in Augmented Reality.

Kaon Interactive’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences and understanding of complex B2B solutions is evident in their robust research and development (R&D) program. By pioneering the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for enterprise sales and marketing, Kaon Interactive aims to provide innovative solutions that transform how businesses showcase and communicate their offerings.

Their AR applications are helping customers not only visualize products in their own real-world environments but also provide an understanding of how the placement and operation of products affect workflows, throughput, and other key factors in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their systems.

Within the next five years, Forrester and Gartner have reported that there will be a significant increase in the number of people within buying committees for complex B2B solutions. As the number of purchasing decision-makers increases, so does the need for vendor’s to communicate their unique differentiated value to each individual decision-maker, which similarly has become more complex.

To address these compounding buying and selling challenges, Kaon Interactive has elevated their immersive Augmented Reality applications, by introducing real-time collaboration between multiple individuals, all of whom can see and interact with fully three-dimensional integrated digital and real-world objects.

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Examples of sales and marketing use-cases include:

  • Shared AR 3D product demonstrations – at trade shows, executive briefing centers, and at customer facilities;
  • Shared AR space walk-throughs (laboratory/data center/manufacturing plant) – demonstrating the way that facilities will be laid out or modified, and
  • Shared AR visualization of new devices in existing spaces – at customer facilities, showing how new instruments, machines, and other objects would fit and operate in an existing facility.

When multiple individuals collaborate and interact simultaneously in real-time, their understanding of the vendors’ differentiated value is enhanced because of the more immersive and interactive experience. This collaborative environment allows decision-makers and influencers to discuss and analyze the value propositions of different vendors, exchange insights and feedback, to make more informed decisions collectively.

Since 2017, Augmented Reality has been built into Kaon’s High Velocity Marketing Platform® and has been used by sales teams and customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries. This has allowed Kaon’s customers to leverage the power of AR without having to create separate, single-purpose AR applications. Kaon Interactive’s newest AR advancements enable these experiences to further elevate sales and marketing engagement for buying groups. Multi-user engagement deepens their collective understanding of how a proposed solution would work and integrate into their physical spaces. As a result, sales cycles are reduced, as all buyers can now have their questions answered simultaneously.

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“Shared interactive experiences are much more engaging and result in deeper intellectual and emotional connections,” commented Joshua Smith, Kaon’s founder and CTO, and one of the inventors of this technology. “The ability to have multiple devices, such as iPads, all communicating with each other to deliver a shared 3D Augmented Reality experience to their users exemplifies the customer value-driven approach that Kaon takes to prioritize research and software development.”

The addition of collaborative AR experiences to Kaon Interactive’s intellectual property portfolio further solidifies Kaon’s position as the industry leader in B2B interactive sales and marketing solutions. Kaon remains committed to delivering exceptional buyer experiences and driving better sales outcomes for customers like IBM, Thermo Fisher Scientific, HPE, Dell Technologies, Parker Hannifin, Siemens, Amazon Web Services, and more.

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