Hushly Launches Templatized ABM Campaign Pages for Easy Account-Focused Marketing

Hushly’s latest account based marketing (ABM) solution lets marketers use templates to create dynamic landing pages personalized for an individual account’s buying stage, role, or custom trigger without any coding experience

Hushly – an AI-powered all-in-one marketing platform for B2B websites – revealed its latest addition to the Hushly suite of easy-to-use personalization tools for account-based marketing today: Hushly ABM Campaign Pages.

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“We’ve automated the creation of account-specific destinations and coupled it with a responsive content journey enabled by AI and intent”

Hushly’s latest solution fills a critical demand in the ABM software market, letting marketers design and deploy custom landing pages with relevant offers and content that dynamically adjust based on each visitor’s account and buying stage, intent, role, industry, or any predetermined factor.

James Kessinger, Hushly CMO, said the ABM Campaign Pages “fill a very big gap” in the ABM tech market.

“We’ve automated the creation of account-specific destinations and coupled it with a responsive content journey enabled by AI and intent,” Kessinger said.

Kessinger pointed out that Hushly’s new product removed a “big roadblock” in terms of scale, attribution, and ROI.

The new Hushly ABM Campaign Pages offering allows B2B marketers to scale their one-to-one ABM content and pricing for up to thousands of target accounts.

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After surveying and speaking with customers and B2B marketers, Hushly developed its ABM Campaign Pages with their top-three challenges in mind regarding ABM execution:

  1. Resource intensive and lacking scalability. IT or marketing teams had to develop distinct microsites and landing pages if they wished to personalize for each account, amounting to countless hours.
  2. Poor engagement metrics and performance. ABM ad clicks and email clicks forward visitors to generic landing pages that lack any relevance to their unique needs, resulting in sky-high abandonment and low-quality user experience.
  3. Limited analytics and insights. Marketers couldn’t tell which specific accounts viewed or engaged with content, which assets certain accounts prefer, or who was converting.

To combat these issues at the source, Hushly created templatized software so marketers now have a scalable method to build, publish, and share customized ABM destination pages without help from IT.

Under the beta release, Kessinger said Hushly received “overwhelming” praise from customers and partners. “I’m very excited about the strategic impact this has had in such a short amount of time,” he continued.

Hushly’s early adopters were enthusiastic about the new ABM technology’s applications and relieved with its simplicity.

“We love the simplicity and its ability to provide our existing customers and our prospect accounts with a rich content experience tailored to their interests and needs,” said Deb Wolf, CMO at Integrate a Hushly customer and partner.

The templatized software provides unprecedented flexibility for teams running anywhere from under 50 to over a thousand ABM strategies. Visitors receive a bespoke experience with account-specific content, offers, and configurations while branding and format remain consistent.

CEO at CampaignStars, Henry Bruckstein, cited the importance of personalized ABM destination pages after going through the effort of engaging accounts across multiple channels.

Bruckstein said he was “excited” to partner with Hushly for the new ABM Campaign Pages due to their intuitive nature, scalability, ease, and early success upon implementation:

“All the time and money spent to attract that ‘click’ is nullified if you don’t create a bingeable destination. That’s one of the things Hushly’s doing,” Bruckstein said.

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