How Can eCommerce Companies Change their Outcomes During COVID-19?

The eCommerce landscape has shifted drastically; different verticals and business categories now display an increase of over 600% amid COVID-19, while some suffer major losses. Businesses within the same vertical display different performance mainly due to their marketing and messaging.

What can those companies who are struggling do to change their outcomes? During social isolation positioning your products and services for indoor use was the key. Now as things start to re-open, some retailers are providing guidance on getting back to a “new normal”.

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Who is a Post-Purchase Marketing Platform Best Suited For?

If you’re in eCommerce Sales, Marketing, Director of growth here’s what you can do to ensure your business remains strong and that you drive revenue and increase customer loyalty. Many of the customers at WISMOlabs do this with the WISMOlabs post-purchase marketing platform to reduce friction, increase touch points with customers, display relevant ads, build trust and loyalty and thus drive more revenue.

Now, when more and more people are forced to shop online, the post-sale logistics is overburdened, transit time is longer, and shipments delayed – the importance of keeping the consumer in the know is very important.

WISMOlabs platform tracks millions of packages every day across many carriers and delivery companies which allows retailers using WISMOlabs platform to effectively manage their customers expectations during the post-purchase order journey.

As the world is still adjusting to the new normal; WISMOlabs recently conducted some research to evaluate a few changing eCommerce and shopping trends, have a quick look:

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