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After the past few years of what has felt like constant change, I believe that we are undergoing a major inflection point within the B2B sales world. While buyers and sellers have gotten used to developing relationships through digital channels, there is still tremendous opportunity for sellers to put more emphasis on the relationships – before, during and after a deal closes. Just think, a previous customer may be a seller’s biggest champion at their next account, providing a “foot in the door” to engage more of the buying committee. With data and insights in Sales Navigator, we see that technology can help sellers focus more on the human side. They can dedicate more time to learning about buyers instead of searching for information in many different places.

Mitali Pattnaik, Sr Director of Product for LinkedIn Sales Solutions

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Given today’s market dynamics, B2B sales teams should focus on gaining as much advantage as possible.

Key opportunities include:

  1. The ability to accurately and efficiently quote complex products and services without limitations often encountered in cart size, SKU complexity and mixed product types
  2.  Efficient and self-documenting approval processes
  3. Continuous flow from the quoting process to a managed revenue contracting process
  4. Unified electronic approval, signature and archival of contracts
  5. Automatic flow to obligation management, order fulfilment and risk management
  6.  Seamless integration to revenue collection and management
  7.  Automatic path to an immediate contract renewal capabilities orchestrating entitlement monitoring, up-sell/cross-sell opportunities and an effective practice of reliable renewal at the best possible rates
    Grant Peterson, Chief Product Officer at Conga

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