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Okay, so a lot of salespeople today still confuse CRMs with sales engagement platforms or think they are interchangeable. That’s not true. CRM is your system of record and sales engagement is your system of engagement. There is a huge difference between both platforms. If you’re using a CRM, that’s a good start. But a sales engagement platform can really drive up efficiency and revenue, and offer incredible RoI.

Laxman Papineni, CEO at Outplay

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Probably the most significant lag in current compensation models is the time it takes to analyze and design new compensation plans, which typically takes months. When sales compensation plans are being analyzed and designed based on lagging data, and then patched when the full year of data is available, they’re already behind the current business context. If the market conditions change rapidly, as they did at the beginning of 2020 or 2022, organizations are unable to analyze the impact and react to it by adjusting the compensation plan.-Eliot Offutt, VP Implementation & Onboarding at

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