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There are two primary ways digital identity can help sales teams drive customer engagement initiatives. First, solutions like ours can help ensure that sales and marketing are connecting with the right people on the right channel. Our solutions can, for instance, help identify when a number changes owners, or if a phone number is a landline, VoIP, or mobile number. This intelligence can signal that you need to refresh a customer’s contact information, or if they can receive a text message to that number. Second, digital identity can lower friction in the signup and account creation process without sacrificing security. This is important since customers will abandon signups that have too many steps or hurdles.

Aaron Seyler, Senior Vice President of Sales at TeleSign

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Many companies have knowledge management systems that look like the Library of Congress. In business, we need to make our processes as efficient and straightforward as the Interstates. We must prioritize the customer agenda – their goals – over our systems and internal processes.

David C Williams, Assistant Vice President for Automation at AT&T

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