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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 22-February-2021: Featuring Pepsico, HP Inc, Xant, Cisco!

In 2021, some of the biggest innovations will involve a greater tech push to eCommerce to ensure better end to end experiences. As providers focus on renewing the customer experience across channels in 2021, how will tech innovators keep up?

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Sales leaders need to be more intentional about creating 1-1 time with their team members. Good sales leaders have figured out that 1-1 coaching has a much higher multiple of return vs. group coaching. A manager’s job is to find out why someone is great and then coach and work towards each person uniquely to maximize their output. Similarly, they should spend as much, if not more time, with their top performers as they do with those missing quotas. By doing this, they will find ways to empower, add value and coach & develop these employees, which increases the likelihood of them hitting goals and decreases the likelihood that they will lose these top performers to turnover.

Brian Bar, Founder and CEO at Victory Lap

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SalesTechStar Interview with Haley Katsman, VP of Revenue Enablement at Highspot
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The holistic view of the impact go-to-market initiatives allow leaders to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, and then take action in real-time. In our rapidly changing reality, this kind of business agility is crucial. ­-Haley Katsman, VP of Revenue Enablement at Highspot



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