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Point Of Sale Technologies And Systems Redefining B2C Customer Experiences

“Modern marketing is always evolving and if it is not, it is not Modern”.

Until now you believed that point of sale rounds up to the cash registers and the cashier machines you find at the receptions or desks of your departmental store, but today’s reality is something else. The modern point of sale technologies and systems are redefining the B2C customer experiences by integrating themselves with cloud based services, mobile devices and so on. What more, these systems can be used with credit card payment processors and back-end accounting systems. Several small and mid-sized businesses are utilizing these cloud based point of sales technologies that eliminates the need to keep a physical back end server at each location possible.

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The modern POS technologies are doing their bit to improve the relationships between the companies and the end consumers.

For instance:

1. A POS can integrate with the customer relationship management software CRM to further ease and streamline communication.

2. Despite the various payment systems in place, the POS software will review all the cash payment methods and offer the best to the consumer.

3. A POS software is backed by a board support for new payment systems.

4. A modern POS is also able to generate a robust sales report. The interactive systems come with amazing dashboard where the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports can be viewed.

Technologies are there to make our lives easier and these POS software tools are one of those.

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Let us have a look at some of the most popular point of sale technologies adding to the consumer experience in the B2C industry:

1. Square POS

Square POS is one of the well-recognized point of sale systems available in the market. This POS is mostly found at all the retail stores and one good reason for this is – flexibility. There is no need for you to buy any extra hardware and you can turn on your POS system in your phone or tablet. Square POS have plenty of options for you if you want to buy a new hardware and it all boils down to the kind of business you have.

2. Shopify

Shopify is one of the popular e-commerce platforms and the business people who are already using this platform can use Shopify POS system along with it. With Shopify POS set in place, one can manage the in-store and online shopping at one unified platform. The inventory is easily uploaded and managed in real-time across multiple platforms. Creating customer loyalty programs is quite easy with Shopify.

3. Helcim

Helcim is a top line POS for hardware. It offers features like creating an online store, customized interchange rates, user friendly ecommerce solutions and so on. Helcim comes with robust ecommerce solutions for B2C businesses. The Helcim card reader is wireless allowing the business to accept debit and credit card payments from all major companies.

4. PayCafe

PayCafe is one of those POS systems that offers all in one credit card payment systems. This platform offers you solutions to handle in-process as well as online credit card payments leading to a great online payment service.

5. ShopKeep

ShopKeep offers you customized pricing along with an on-demand POS setup. There is a backend team that is there to provide you with 24*7 support, making it perfect for small business owners. ShopKeep is used by several business owners because of its simple and easy interface. For businesses with high employee turnover or for those with part time hires, this software will not need any special training.

6. Revel

Revel offers state of the art and modern POS systems for retail restaurants, quick serve businesses and bars. One unique feature about Revel is that it uses a combination of the local network and the cloud to store information. This enables you to work on your system even if you lose your connection, the transactions will still be processed.

7. Vend

Power packed with advanced analytics, Vend comes as a robust POS system for small retailers. It is an exclusive cloud based POS solution, which doesn’t require any on-site server deployment. Vend is good for small retailers but the large scale business may find its features a bit limiting. The main advantage of using Vend is its cross-platform consistency. The system will give you the same look irrespective of the hardware you use.

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