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Building your Next Target Account List? These Directories Might Help…

Building a Target Account List is the first and most crucial step before any sales and marketing activity can begin. While every team will have their own process in place to help identify their set of top tier accounts, the first part of this activity for anyone tasked with actually building out a list begins with collating information on a set of companies.

Here are a few online directories that can help:

  1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is one of the leading online platforms to find information on public or private companies. The basic Crunchbase search gives you information like the industry type, a company’s headquarters, the number of employees, the company’s tech stack and more. Crunchbase uses an algorithm to rank the companies taking into consideration aspects like their funding , their relationship with other entities etc. The feature “Crunchbase rank” lets you know about the more relevant companies belonging to a particular category.  The platform also offers a premium version called Crunchbase Pro that comes with features like unlimited search filters, unlimited search results, visual charts and more.

  1. AngelList

AngelList is particularly useful for collating information on startups. It allows the account user to build a diverse portfolio of early stage startups, their type, their business stage etc. It is also a good option for people looking for jobs and it’s easy to post job requirements if you have any, the platform allows you to search for profiles to identify  relevant candidates.

  1. LinkedIn

Apart from being a professional social network, LinkedIn is also a great platform to search for new lookalike accounts. On the basic version of LinkedIn, there are filters like relationship, location, industry, company size, and fortune. The premium version – Advanced People Search offers a more strategic target profile list. It offers filter categories like relationship, title, industry, and location. For those who wish to go beyond the advanced people search, they can opt for LinkedIn Sales Navigator; a sales management tool by LinkedIn that offers advanced lead and company search info, lead recommendations, CRM integrations, real time sales updates and more.

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  1. Mattermark

Mattermark is an online data platform that helps in account target list building and lead generation process for venture capital companies. The basic version allows you to type the name of the company and get all the relevant information instantly like its growth, funding etc. but to unlock more features you need an upgrade. Mattermark offers following versions – Mattermark Standard, Mattermark Professional, Mattermark Enterprise, Salesforce Data Enrichment, Company & Contact Data API.

  1. Datanyze

Datanyze Sales Prospecting, a browser extension from Datanyze helps you understand the business and tells you about their technology stack before you actually communicate with them. This knowledge can help you demonstrate your product/service better based on what they use. Datanyze helps you with all the required information like company size, revenue etc. making it a smooth process to research accounts, build your target sheets and export your contacts in a swift manner.

  1. PitchBook

Pitchbook is a data and software company that helps marketers to efficiently search, collect and analyse the data available on venture capital investments, private equity and the latest mergers and acquisition landscape.  The data available is well researched and the customer service provided is very good. Pitchbook comes in following versions – Pitchbook Mobile that gives you access to all the information on-the-go, Excel Plugin that gives access to their data directly within Excel, for you to tailor according to your need, Direct Data lets you integrate their data with yours through API protocols or data feeds, CRM Integration allows their data into your CRM to create new leads and enhance your existing accounts and Chrome Extension gives access to their data directly from your browser.

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  1. CB Insights

CB Insights is a tech market intelligence platform, and is ideally for people who want to research and analyse data on venture capital investments in tech or other companies, startups, investment banking, corporate development and more. CB Insights allows the companies to identify business trends as well and their emerging tech stack by using relevant filters, in turn helping them to spot the best opportunities and capitalise at the earliest. Some of its features include Custom Feeds, Chrome Extension, Industry Analytics, Salesforce Integration, Technology Stack Analysis, Custom Charts and a lot more. It can be used through various plans – a free trial plan, Analytics, Answers, Prime, Insider, and Executive.

  1. Owler

Owler is a business platform that provides business intelligence about an industry and their competitors to help you stay up to date on their activities. Some of the features it offers are – Integration to CRM/Marketing Automation, Data Cleaning/Enrichment, Data Segmentation/Filtering, Reporting/Dashboards Market Insights, Lead Analysis and more. It comes in three versions – Owler Basic, Owler Plus, and Owler Pro. Owler Basic lets you access the data and gives alerts on the latest news, Owler Plus includes 15 news filters in addition to what basic offers and Owler Pro helps discover new prospects, sync with Salesforce, in addition to advanced search filters.

  1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg is a SaaS model that provides a holistic view of customers and prospects by offering you features like advanced search, web browser extension, direct dials and verified email addresses, list upload or download, Salesforce integration, filters, web traffic insights, marketing automation integration, sales automation integration, CRM integration and a lot of other features.

  1. Oracle DataFox

DataFox is one of the most accurate data providers that helps sales and marketing teams prospect in a better way, it gives access to features like Salesforce integration, company search options, sales triggers and similar algorithms and offers a free trial to the users. It also has a variety of support options available like phone, live chat, email, video tutorials or webinars in both its free and paid version.

These online tools and platforms might help you forecast better and improve your sales pipeline by giving you the information you need to shortlist a list of the most viable target accounts.

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