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Zylo Unveils New Savings Center to Drive Increased Cost Savings, Optimization, and Value Realization for Software

Features previewed at Zylo’s SaaSMe 2023 continue to propel the SaaS Management industry forward with new value for IT and Procurement teams

Zylo, the enterprise leader in SaaS Management, announced feature updates aimed at driving increased cost savings, optimization, and value realization for organizations. The new advancements solidify Zylo’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value to customers and driving positive business impact.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, and organizations are embracing more sustainable business growth. As software represents the second-largest operating expense, companies are actively seeking ways to track and control their SaaS tools, spend, and risk in a clear and effective way. Zylo’s latest features empower businesses to optimize their tech stack and vendor relationships, ensuring every dollar is invested wisely and every application provides tangible value.

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At Zylo’s SaaSMe 2023 event, the company previewed its ground-breaking new feature, Zylo Savings Center, which identifies and tracks valuable actions related to renewals, licenses, reclamation, benchmarks, and more, to capture how specific operational motions drive ongoing ROI for your SaaS management program. By assigning dollar values to available optimization opportunities, Zylo enables organizations to not only clearly and easily understand the financial impact but take action to reduce their operating expenses.

Zylo Savings Center automatically detects savings opportunities, estimates impact, prescribes actions and captures realized savings across your software portfolio. Brought to life in an all-new, configurable savings dashboard that tracks progress over time, Zylo eliminates the need for external savings tracking and enables users to easily quantify and demonstrate the business impact of their SaaS Management program.

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“This new era of responsible business growth demands greater efficiency and organizational maturity. With Zylo Savings Center, we are putting a data-powered spotlight on the value and impact of optimizing software at scale. Smart business leaders are evaluating their tech stack and vendor relationships to ensure that every dollar is being spent wisely and that every application provides tangible value,” said Ian Runyon, VP Product at Zylo. “Combined with a new renewals experience, new app comparison features, and leaps forward in how our customers can integrate and automate to achieve savings, Zylo Savings Center delivers an all-new way for organizations to manage, measure and maximize the value of their software portfolio.”

These features come on the heels of several other product advancements, including Zylo Contract Center, Okta OAuth, Security Detail, and App Overview. Each enhancement serves to bolster the capabilities of Zylo’s SaaS Management platform, providing customers with unparalleled insights, efficiency, and value realization.

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