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SAP’s Global Head of Digital Transformation Enablement Wins B2B Innovator Award; Kirsten Boileau Drives World’s Largest Social Selling Program, Powered by Grapevine6

Grapevine6 announces Kirsten Boileau, SAP is Global Head of Digital Transformation Enablement, has been named a 2020 B2B Innovator in the new Powerful Partners category. Demand Gen Report presented the award to Kirsten during their annual B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange, October 26 – 28. Now in its fourth year, the B2B Innovator Awards shine a light on the brightest professionals in the industry.

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“SAP is undergoing an inspiring global digital transformation. It’s exciting to watch Kirsten lead this initiative as she takes best practices from SAP’s digital selling program and applies them to marketing,” said Grapevine6 CEO, Mike Orr. “A trailblazer, Kirsten is a savvy marketing leader who understands the power of social to build brand and develop trust-based relationships that drive revenue. She is insatiable in her quest for the best.”

Kirsten leads change management, education and training for SAP’s digital selling program, the largest in the world. Founded on research data from the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University, the program was launched in 2014 and has grown to massive scale and impact. Based on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Grapevine6, the program enables sales reps to authentically connect, engage and convert prospects into customers by sharing relevant content from both internal and external sources.

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SAP reps apply social listening skills to assess online behavior and engage in authentic social and digital outreach to establish trust at the onset of the buyer’s journey. A social selling pioneer, SAP understands how to drive real online engagement. And it’s not by blasting the corporate bullhorn with brand messaging. To boost credibility, SAP follows recommended content distribution best practices of 90/10 whereby 90% is curated from reputable, non-SAP sources and 10% is SAP centric.

Since 2014, Kirsten and her global team have trained more than 22,000 SAP employees and partners around the world on how to establish subject matter expertise, build relationships, and spark business-building conversations on LinkedIn and other social and digital channels. The results have been impressive including generating over $2B in pipeline revenue. Other measurable benefits include an increase of 20% in Social Selling Index (SSI) scores on LinkedIn resulting in over 500% larger deal sizes than their less socially active peers.

SAP places a high value on the success of their digital selling program and invests considerable time and resources on training. In fact, a team of 200 trainers around the world delivers training to 6,000 employees and partners every year, with partners accounting for 3,000 of those being trained. Under Kirsten’s direction, SAP trainers have been able to pivot to 100% virtual training and remote delivery without skipping a beat during the current global pandemic.

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