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Rallyware Announces Game-Changing CRM for the Direct Selling Industry’s Field Workforce

Performance Enablement Platform (PEP)- Rallyware

Rallyware’s new CRM powers customer acquisition and retention for the direct selling field, all while folding these tools into a single, smart platform for entrepreneurial growth.

Rallyware has introduced a smart, portable CRM to their Performance Enablement Platform, resulting in the ultimate solution for the direct selling distributor experience.

Placing right in the hands of distributors the tools to drive and manage customer acquisition and retention, Rallyware gives direct sellers access to a new solution for securing a broader, more consistent customer base at a time of smaller margins and greater uncertainty.

Where traditional CRMs in direct selling required disparate systems, logging in and out of multiple platforms to manage sales and customer relations, with Rallyware, rules-guided tools auto-suggest smart actions for contact outreach and tracking while enabling higher sales productivity by folding all this into one platform for learning, communications, incentives, business building, and more.

Rallyware’s CRM tools flow together with smart activities in other channels as well, such as learning and performance, driving the right behaviors in each individual member of the field. The result is a single digital experience equipping distributors for today’s accelerated digital age and rapidly transforming customer landscape.

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“We developed this CRM because we recognized that in order to help our customers consistently out-compete in the 2020s and beyond, we needed to dive deeper into the customer acquisition and management side of the direct selling field,” says George Elfond, Rallyware Co-Founder and CEO.”

Dynamic CRM Tools for the Direct Selling Field

Already providing onboarding and learning to stimulate upskilling, and incentives and recognition to stimulate engagement, Rallyware’s solution now encompasses customer acquisition, management, and retention for the field.

This breakthrough CRM technology works to improve real, measurable sales results, using robust tools to help the distributor acquire and retain customers while continuing to upskill and track rank advancement, creating consistent, self-guided business growth.

At a wayward moment for direct selling, such tools will prove consequential, raising margins in a scalable, sustainable way while retaining and engaging the field.

Amplifying the CRM’s Impact for Optimal Business Outcomes

While other market options rely on an isolated, standalone tool, Rallyware’s CRM integrates with field performance data–such as commissions metrics and sales numbers–to inform the recommendations and smart actions for each individual distributor, amplifying the impact of its features. These features include:

  • Relationship Tracking and Managing
  • Automated To-Dos
  • Campaign Workflows
  • Contact Tracking
  • Customer Communication & Care
  • Prospecting Script Library
  • Advanced Customer Relations Analytics for HQ

With data and information flowing in real-time from separate tools and solutions, Rallyware’s CRM ensures that every action taken to sell more and build customer relationships is driven by context and the distributor’s personal goals. The result is a single digital business center that activates and maximizes the entrepreneurial spirit in every distributor.

A Single Suite Amplifying Each Action

Rallyware’s CRM is woven into the entire Performance Enablement suite, interacting with learning, incentives, and business-building activities to gather the entire scope of the distributor experience into one smart engine.

As with many other solutions, companies can build their own experiences and purchase the CRM as a standalone product. Yet combined with other tools in a single suite, Rallyware’s CRM amplifies the effects of each activity: the more complete of a picture Rallyware has of people’s behaviors, the more personalized their suggested activities will be, adapting based on learning, incentives, customer relationships, and other data types sourced from multiple tools.

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Reflections from Leadership

“We developed this CRM because we recognized that in order to help our customers consistently out-compete in the 2020s and beyond, we needed to dive deeper into the customer acquisition and management side of the direct selling field,” says George Elfond, Rallyware Co-Founder and CEO.

“We realized that for direct selling organizations to digitally transform in a scalable way, distributors needed a smart CRM integrated with every other aspect of the distributor experience to help them business-build and manage sales,” he continues. “With our decades-long expertise driving sales for the field, we are ready to introduce a data-driven, smart CRM that is unmatched by other solutions, as it requires years of complex data processing.”

Rallyware is transforming productivity for enterprise sales forces with AI that connects learning, engagement, and execution in one smart Performance Enablement Platform. With integrated solutions for learning and development, incentives and recognition, opportunity management, and more, Rallyware’s PEP enables the right skills and behaviors for every individual to become a top performer. To see how Rallyware drives sales performance

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