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Ontotext And Synaptica Join Forces With A Shared Product Roadmap To Speed Up Development Of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Synaptica® (the developer of Graphite) and Ontotext (the developer of GraphDBТМ) are announcing officially their alliance. GraphDB has been selected by Synaptica as the preferred OEM database engine to be embedded with all Graphite systems.

A joint product development vision was established in 2019 and since then the engineering teams of both companies have been working closely on a deep integration of the two technology platforms and a shared product development roadmap.

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Graphite provides a collaboration platform for the centralized development and governance of enterprise controlled vocabularies including ontologies and taxonomies. GraphDB is a highly scalable and reliable RDF graph database with a workbench of tools for data visualisation, reconciliation, analytics and semantic search. Together Graphite and GraphDB provide the tools to build enterprise knowledge graphs that combine semantically structured controlled vocabularies with unstructured data and metadata.

Ontotext Platform’s analytics tools can help to identify and extract entities and infer new facts which can be normalised to enrich the controlled vocabularies. On the other hand enterprise taxonomies are a crucially important complement to Ontotext’s text analysis pipelines based on large knowledge graphs.

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Enterprise-class software and support

Some taxonomy software solutions are delivered with unsupported open source graph databases. Synaptica partnered with Ontotext to ensure that all our customers gain the benefit of enterprise-class software and support for both the controlled vocabulary management software and the underlying semantic graph database. When Synaptica deploys a new Graphite system it is installed with a GraphDB database that is right-sized to meet the demands of each individual client, whether that be a single instance prototyping environment or a high availability production cluster.

Shared vision and roadmap

RDF* provides an example of the depth of Ontotext and Synaptica’s close collaboration and shared vision. Synaptica’s engineering team, working in collaboration with Ontotext engineers, started application development to implement RDF* within Graphite.

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