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Onfleet Launches Integrations Marketplace for Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Onfleet Announces 100 Millionth Delivery and Significant

New marketplace enhances efficiency and convenience in last mile delivery management

Onfleet, the leading last mile delivery management software company, launched its Integrations Marketplace, a comprehensive hub of SaaS integrations developed by Onfleet and its technology partners. This innovative marketplace provides a one-stop solution to optimize delivery operations, empowering administrators and account owners with extended functionality and seamless interoperability across the Onfleet platform.

Onfleet remains committed to continuous improvement, developing new partnerships and integrations to stay at the forefront of last mile delivery management software. The newly unveiled Integrations Marketplace features two primary categories of integrations:

  • Native Integrations: These are integrations developed by Onfleet. It includes the Square, AeroPay, and Delivery manifest integrations, each tailored to provide extended functionality and seamless interoperability with the Onfleet platform. Onfleet also integrates with third-party platforms like n8n and Zapier, further expanding its ecosystem of interconnected solutions.
  • Certified Partner-Built Integrations: These integrations are certified by Onfleet under the “Build with Onfleet” program guidelines. The program aims to cultivate a diverse, quality assortment of third-party integrations that further enhance the utility of the Onfleet platform.

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Chris Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Onfleet, highlighted the benefits, saying “The Integrations Marketplace brings together all the outstanding opportunities that Onfleet has to offer through its partners such as GigSmart, Riptide, Drivr, and more, increasing performance for delivery operations. It creates a more efficient and customizable service for our customers and similar businesses,” Garrison said. “Our customers appreciate the ease of integrations and open API we offer to improve their business processes.”

Riptide is using this integration with Onfleet to create Delivery Copilot, a revolutionary GPT/Gen AI engine that increases productivity by 2-3X. Copilot enables more intelligent text interactions between customers, drivers, dispatchers and shippers to streamline operations and avoid delivery issues.

Doug Marinaro, Co-founder and CEO of Riptide said, “Delivery Copilot is the first generative AI application in the Onfleet ecosystem to help keep people informed and make their delivery perfect.”

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Another integration to highlight is Drivr, a simple, API-based integration that allows companies to integrate a simple tipping mechanism to recognize exceptional service.

James Li, Senior Technology Partners Lead at Onfleet, said the launch of the Integrations Marketplace is the culmination of years of effort. “Onfleet has identified where one-off integrations fail, and we subsequently took an approach aiming to lower the overall tech barrier for customers. Focusing on integration enablement, the Marketplace allows Onfleet users to easily power up using one of Onfleet’s native integrations or to seek out our vetted tech partners on the platform,” Li said. “The supply chain industry comprises multiple interconnected components, and ensuring compatibility of the screws (integrations) utilized throughout the process significantly enhances overall efficiency and delivery performance.”

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