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Merchadise Launches a New Way of Doing E-Commerce in Time for Holiday Season

Merchadise has arrived to save the holiday season: Merchadise is launching a new E-Commerce-driven Ecosystem for customized products, to eliminate all friction and frustration of broken supply chains.

Alex Phelan and Alex Young, two experts in E-Commerce technologies, Digital Graphics, Mass Customization and Supply Chain Management, have come together to prompt a new paradigm for the whole Merch experience, from front end to back end.

Brands that drive engagement through customized goods are well aware of the supply chain crisis. So are Merchadise’s founders, but they also know that the pandemic only accelerated this already imminent crash. In fact, Alex Phelan, co-founder of Merchadise, has been warning about the inevitable collapse of the traditional model of supply chains for years. Back in 2013, when he became part of the Teespring founding team, one of the most disruptive companies specialized in social commerce and custom apparel, he saw many issues with how the customized apparel sector was operating. It was only a matter of time until the system would implode, and here we are today.

Merchadise’s mission is to offer brands a simple and painless way of distributing customized products and E-Commerce; through an efficient and trustworthy workflow that reduces the waiting time from many months to days or weeks.

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We are not just Print-On-Demand, we curate, design, manufacture and fulfill your brands’ customized products, all in one place, in a simple way

Manufacturing is carried out in factories based in the US and Central America, all in one continent, so customized products don’t have travel around the world before they arrive at their destination. The necessity of investing in locally sourced manufacturing has never been more important, and the Merchadise team is here to take on that job and rescue the customized products sector.

“Because of this ‘it gets the work done’ mentality, many businesses delegate their manufacturing work to Asia. The shocking part about this is there are many apparel industry folks who have no clue how their products are made. We recently had a prominent LA based athleisure brand walk through our factory, and incredibly enough, none of them had ever seen or been to an apparel factory before. It’s time to change this,” says Alex Young, co-founder of Merchadise, about the current status of the customized products industry.

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Solutions Evangelists

Disrupting and localizing the apparel supply chain

“At Mercahdise we are evangelical about curating the right solutions for each brand. Our team focuses all of their efforts around our clients’ needs, rather than just selling you a ‘one size fits all’ strategy,” said Young. “You might think that sounds too good to be true, but this is what happens when you put together a group of professionals that are passionate about what they do, and have outstanding skills for creating and making things work.”

Every step has been a learning experience and now that times are calling for a new paradigm, the Merchadise team promises to disrupt the obsolete traditional supply chain to help brands survive and thrive in the new E-Commerce universe.

“We are not just Print-On-Demand, we curate, design, manufacture and fulfill your brands’ customized products, all in one place, in a simple way,” said Young.

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