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MarketSource Selects Phobio to Lay AI-Driven Roadmap for Retail Sales Team Engagement

MarketSource and Phobio Utilize Analytics and AI to Provide the Capability to Engage Retail Employees More Effectively

Phobio, a leading provider of software and services that empower the retail industry, has announced that MarketSource, has selected Rodio to help build its Representative Engagement Platform (REP) and to drive workforce communications, engagement, and execution across tens of thousands of retail locations. MarketSource is a proven alternative to outsourcing sales, with a proprietary process that drives better sales/

Supporting major brands and retailers, MarketSource is rolling out the REP technology solution, which includes Rodio, to all full- and part-time employees.

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The MarketSource REP is an integrated framework that provides critical workforce management and productivity tools to employees through a consolidated, efficient mobile app. Rodio Workforce Communications is a key component of the platform.

Employee communications, especially in retail environments, is radically changing. Email is no longer effective and is being replaced by mobile messaging apps, primarily because a majority of retail employees do not work from a traditional desk. Moreover, attitudes towards communication are changing and employees are demanding more flexible tools to collaborate and access business-critical information, instantly.

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Rodio provides MarketSource with a centralized workforce communication and collaboration system to deliver timely messages to front-line employees using iOS and Android devices. It enables MarketSource to educate and notify sales representatives on pertinent promotions and corporate updates; significantly improving their ability to positively impact the customer experience while also driving operational efficiencies.

“We realized email was no longer a viable platform to connect and engage with our employees so we began a search for innovative solutions,” said Steve Wilson, MarketSource Executive Director of Services and Capabilities.

Steve added, “We were drawn to Rodio’s versatility and the platform’s reporting and analytics which provide visibility into workforce engagement and its impact on performance. This concept will allow employees to log into our company’s social network, not just for collaboration and communication, but also as a vehicle for:

  • Viewing their schedule and routing their work
  • Keeping current with training
  • Completing reports and receiving tasks
  • Capturing images of store displays for brand compliance
  • And more…

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All while utilizing one login in the same system on a mobile interface. Additionally, Rodio’s artificial intelligence functionality will empower our retail employees by instantly providing real-time, accurate information when they need it.”

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Rodio’s Rodiobot allows users to interact with company knowledge bases through conversational language and interactive workflow. Users can ask questions such as “What is the sales promotion for this product?” and Rodiobot will instantly present the answers. This simplifies employee access to information from any system Rodiobot is connected to in real-time.

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With Rodio, employees can communicate with one another and targeted announcements can be sent to select teams or to the entire organization to ensure everyone is informed. Comprehensive reporting and analytics provide verification that critical communications are read.

“With thousands of employees located throughout the United States, MarkertSource needed a flexible communication platform to deliver timely messages across its organizational structure,” said Rich Helfrich, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Phobio. “Rodio provides MarketSource and its employees with an effective social technology that manages what content is being shared, at what time, and to who. By utilizing AI and analytics, Rodio delivers an engaging experience that helps improve the bottom-line.”

“We believe Rodio is helping retailers transform operations, by delivering a workforce communications platform that aligns with their business, workflow, and most importantly, the needs of key employees who continue to play a strategic role in day-to-day operations,” adds Helfrich.

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