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KryptoNect Promises to Revolutionize Online Shopping by Allowing Anonymous Crypto Payments

KryptoNect – KryptoNect – Crypto P2P Marketplace & Ecosystem

On the last day of January, a most revolutionary project will be launching on the Binance Smart Chain. With incredible ambition and an already working product, the founder and lead developer of Kyrptonect, Kam, is trying to create the “Amazon of the Blockchain”. Knowing the challenge it entails and ready to face it. For the first time ever, you can buy tangible products completely anonymously while protecting your personal data!

All signs indicate that Kryptonect might be one of the largest crypto projects of the decade, marking a fast start to 2022 and setting the pace for the industry. With over 8 years of experience in e-commerce, marketplaces, and FMCG, Kam has surrounded himself with a competent team of blockchain and tech developers, with the goal of disrupting an ultra-competitive business.

At large, Kryptonect is an ecosystem aiming to improve the exchange of goods and services through its connected platforms. The initial core components of the Kryptonect ecosystem are the E-commerce Marketplace and the Freelance Marketplace. It is no news that E-commerce has completely changed the way people and businesses trade goods globally. However, no one has yet to combine the most advantageous components of blockchain with this society-changing technological advancement.

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Firstly, many of the issues faced by the internet-connected consumers who are excluded from E-commerce can be solved by moving away from traditional forms of online mediums of exchange towards cryptocurrencies. Even though cryptocurrency technology hasn’t been explored yet in a serious way by small and medium E-commerce companies, the acceleration has already started and Kryptonect is at the forefront of this revolution.

With the work from home trend becoming more and more established and adopted by workers all over the world, P2P freelance is set to grow more than ever, and to require more efficient infrastructure than what is currently available. This grants a first mover to Kryptonect, if able to create said infrastructure with the integration of a smooth, easy-to-use blockchain component.

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In terms of value proposition, Kryptonect comes out right off the bat with the advantage of anonymity, as users can simply connect their wallet to start operating and transactions will be confidential and untraceable. Users can also delete their account and all their data at any given time, offering superior protection. This does not sacrifice the possibility for data analytics but leaves it at the user’s consent. Anonymous package delivery solutions have also been put in place. Lower costs, as Kryptonect offers lower platform fees and lower processing fees, will be another attractive element. Finally, facilitated payment, as cryptocurrencies offer the same convenience as digital wallets, and add extra security, anonymity, decentralization, and lower costs, is the cherry on top. By virtue of including the billions of people who are underbanked around the world, cryptocurrency opens up the door for Kryptonect to attract a whole new set of consumers to their platform.

Kam and his team have identified one of the fields where the integration of blockchain technology can make a significant difference in efficiency, speed of adoption, and growth. While entering this industry is not a challenge for the faint of heart, Kam is confident that it’s not only possible but will define the future of the business. He and his team now seek to raise funds in multiple IDO rounds, starting on the 21st of this month and ending on the 30th. Many are waiting with great anticipation as Kam leads the charge. Join the project community to hear his ideas on a daily basis, or visit the website and read the whitepaper for detailed information about the project.

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