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Ink Joins Stagwell Group

Leading travel media company with a global network of content marketing creators

The Stagwell Group, announced its affiliate has taken a majority share in leading travel media and marketing company Ink. Together the two companies will further the mission of leading the travel media industry through premium content creation, media sales and distribution to this growing global market.

Through a well-established and unique business model, Ink creates award-winning digital, video, print and experiential branded content, as a profit center, for 21 of the world’s largest travel companies including American Airlines, United Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Norwegian, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, easyJet and Amtrak. Ink’s innovative media partnerships allow more than 802 million passengers annually to interact and engage with its clients’ brands and content. Headquartered in London, Ink has a global network of content creators and an engine of media sales in Abu DhabiMiamiNew York, São Paulo and Singapore.

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“Ink partners with the world’s largest travel companies to help them connect in a meaningful way, with passengers at crucial moments in their journey via digital, print and experiential branded content. Today’s consumers want unique and inspiring experiences, and that is what Ink helps travel companies deliver across every channel,” said Mark Penn, Managing Partner and President of The Stagwell Group. “Travel numbers around the world are growing year on year and they are very valuable and receptive consumers – a perfect audience for any marketing plan today.”

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Inks’ joint CEOs, Michael Keating and Simon Leslie, said “We are delighted to join the Stagwell family, as we can see the many opportunities to further shape the future of media from within this strong group. Significant and solid growth is at the heart of Mark Penn’s plan, and we are thrilled to be part of this international powerhouse.”

Ink will continue to produce inspiring content in 10 languages that help brands engage and connect with travelers around the world. The company will maintain operations under the Ink brand based in London and Michael Keatingand Simon Leslie will remain as joint CEOs.

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